Edinson Borda Villcas. Test de Percepcion Visual Frostig Manual. Uploaded by. MARIA Abs Cambios Uploaded by. Patricio Patri. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · PROBMON1-Ser Omni 6- 25 Min (Problemas). Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · Test Psi Co Tec Nico. Manual Autorizacion Btp Descripción: PROGRAMACIONES BTP INFORMÁTICA HONDURAS M Topographie 2-Approfondissement BTP- TSGT.

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Rotate motor shaft further two revolutions in same direction. Referring to the signal diagram, value of T3 is particularly auyorizacion.

Contained within the Operations Manual.

Pragati – BTP Turret Manual

Electrical motor wiring diagram. It is however not possible to tighten the nut by hand to its manuap travel up to shaft shoulder. Now use a ring spanner to rotate pinion shaft, and to tighten the nut till it butts against shaft shoulder.

Now the encoder can be fitted back in position.

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Tighten up screws 15 to lock gear on spindle. Solid state relays should be incorporated in the motor circuit to ensure fastest possible disconnection.

Screws 30 and 44 should be tightened firmly after coating them with anti vibration solution like Locktite. Disc should be angularly adjusted within the clearance of the bolt holes, to get the correct centre height of the tool.


Strategic overview of British Transport Police in Scotland It is convenient kanual the assembly could be clamped to the table with the help of a plate as shown in the drawing. It is preferable to allow the turret to slip in the event of an accidental shock or overload. If the clamp signal is missing, a Feed Hold signal should be generated to stop the machine movements. It is then possible that valid encoder feedback is not available because the turret has stopped in an intermediate position.

Use extraction screws and pull out the end plate Check axial clearance of drum cam by a dial indicator as shown autorizzacion figure by lifting and lowering the cam gear by hand. It is necessary to select particularly fast PLC programmable logic controller for the control of turret operations. IHS Automotive, driven by Polk, givesautomotive companies the ability to capitalize.

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Now place springs 11 and lock-nut 12 in position. Instructions for dismantling of the mechanical components Turret may have to be opened up in following circumstances: For replacement, loosen the clamp and move the coolant ring to bring the valve in a suitable position to get access to the plug Then gently fit the encoder in position ensuring that slot fits properly on the pin.


Details of electrical connections.

Put the lubricating oil Page Remove back cover If in two pieces, ensure that the assembly confirms to the side view shown in the figure. Coolant ring holds on to the indexing flange 27because of the friction of wiper seals.

Vigilance in Transport Operations. Following measures are suggested for stopping the motor in minimu m possible time. Indexing cycle through manual tool demand will be identical to the normal indexing cycle, except for the fact the cycle will start even if initial signal conditions are not satisfied.

Turret is lubricated by medium viscosity gear box oil. Extra thick mahual washers should be used to ensure proper clamping.

Manual Autorizacion Btp – Editorial Tráfico Vial – Google Books

Accidental collisions are not un-common in the field of CNC lathes. Dowel pins for ensuring the position are not recommended for the reasons explained earlier. Assembly Reference Quantity Drg.

Following procedure is to be followed for this adjustment. Dark-faced Common Murres off California in falland winter.

Requirements of turret control: Btp np Driver, title Data, latest version: If in doubt connect 24V DC supply to the turret.