Forbes talks to Kay Hymowitz, author of the controversial book Manning Up, about her theory that women’s advancement produced a new. In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic. Men in their twenties and thirties are fed up with women, but author Kay Hymowitz says you can’t blame them when women are demanding.

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Do women need a man to become a mother, to create a family, to carve out a life? The twenties turn into a “preadult” phase where men often get stuck with endless sex partners, video games or sports addiction and living alone or with roommates as women move up in the marketplace.

Today’s Superwoman subscribes to that image out of necessity. The title and especially the subtitle of the book—How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys—captured my attention, and I decided to give the book a hymwitz. Her little “scenarios” and “outcomes” portion towards the end of the piece were extremely condescending, and almost turned me off to liking the first half of the book.

Apr 29, Reid rated it liked it.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys

I still need to read the last chapter, but I thought this was a very good book about the current state of 20 and 30 somethings, or “pre-adults,” as Hymowitz calls them. No trivia or quizzes yet.

More frequently, a better part of this generation spends their entire twenties pursuing higher degrees which consequently delay marriage and parenthood. The first chapter didn’t seem so bad, I expected more clarification and support later.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys by Kay S Hymowitz – review

This is easy enough to verify. That explanation, mind you, seems far more off-the-cuff and anecdotal than her treatment of women, which is disappointing. And research there is lots in this book doesn’t support happier marriages or a better society by waiting longer.


Open Preview See a Problem? As a product of the “girl power” generation, this was definitely an interesting read. And shortly mannning that: Bracing for a vicious attack on males, I charged ahead any way. Without reading anything about the book beforehand, the introduction to the paperback edition had me predisposed to like it.

MANNING UP by Kay S. Hymowitz | Kirkus Reviews

Quotes from Manning Up: I should have been mo This book started out interestingly enough with plenty of statistics laying out how our job market has drastically changed in the last 20 years leaving modern young professionals without a clear path towards reaching their career goals. But, frankly, both sides need to hear it. But as time moves on, says Hymowitz, these men don’t.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. They graduate college in higher numbers than men, fit better into an economy which rewards feminine qualities more than male on average though not at the very top, and have more freedom in determining their romantic life.

Yes, we are putting off marriage and children, but sometimes its not a choice.

It made me wonder Yet how often do single women actually use donated sperm? The book doesn’t really rip on men.

Yet all that Hymowitz can offer to get this founding premise off the ground are the collected opinions of several other women and a list of films and television shows she doesn’t hymoitz. The thing is that both women and men are finding themselves in an extended preadult phase. But what a problem it is. May 05, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: Trivia Kkay Manning Up: It primarily addresses the ‘new life phase’ that has been emerging for kau college-educated Americans between the completion of their mannibg degree and settling down to start a family.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is passed off as new and interesting despite the fact that we htmowitz were in junior high school at one time or another and learned there that beautiful intelligent girls play the field and seek out alpha males. Otherwise yp, it was an interesting read. I’m speaking of both men and women here. Chapter four is called the child man in the promise land boring the whole manniny is dedicated to Adam Sandler.


Preview — Manning Up by Kay S. Society has changed, and Manning Up delineates a few of the ways in which it has. Anyone who thinks so is indoctrinated an I can sum this up in one word: Both sexes are affected by the modern idea of pre-adulthood, but only men slip into a passive child-man state.

Correlation is not causation. If you can get used to the fact that the title has little to do with the book a better one might be Alpha Girls and Child-men you’ll find a nifty pop sociology text on the changing status of men and women in the information age. No solutions here to the man child phenomenon- we’re apparently doomed to rampant immaturity. While the book is copiously footnoted, most of the references are anecdotal and tautological, and many of the core premises of her argument go unsubstantiated: It also looks at women and how we have come to maninng more independent and not asking men to grow up because we can do hymowiz ourselves.

Initially I was amused but a late chapter resurrects tired stereotypes of single life hint: Always have, always will, and sadly my only authority for that is my personal experience, yet even that limited authority is more than Ms. That all being said, I still think this is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the backstory and realities of the emergence of pre-adulthood, but the dudes’ half of the story is short-changed.

This book has less to do with the rise of women and more to with the extended preadult phase in which most of the young generation finds themselves.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz

Want to Read saving…. Her essay prompted the book. Might they not merely be doing it because they can?