Where those designations appear in the book, and Manning .. When Manning approached me about writing Solr in Action, I was hesitant. Scalable—Solr scales by distributing work (indexing and query processing) to multiple .. Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan, and Hinrich Schütze, . liveBooks are enhanced books. They add narration, interactive exercises, code execution, and other features to eBooks.

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Querying and interacting with Solr. Mar 3, 3: Working with the Solr codebase.

Solr in Action [Book]

Grouping by functions and queries. Cross-document and cross-index joins. You’ll master topics like text analysis, faceted search, hit highlighting, result grouping, query suggestions, multilingual search, advanced geospatial and data operations, and relevancy tuning.

Mar 1, 1: Oct 6, 9: Dec 9, 9: Chapter 6 – Stemming: With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.


Manning | Solr in Action

Dec 20, Getting to know Solr 2. Complex query operations Lucene in Action, Second Edition.

Table of Contents takes you straight to the book detailed table of contents. Whether you’re handling big or small data, managing documents, or building a website, it is important to be able to quickly search through your content and discover meaning in it.

Chapter 6 – synonyms. Mar 3, 9: Solr in Action is a comprehensive guide to implementing scalable search using Apache Solr.

Part 1 Meet Solr

Key Solr concepts Chapter 4. The authors work on the scalability and reliability of Solr, as well as on recommendation engine and big data analytics technologies.

Suggestion for Section 2. Jan 23, Don’t refresh or navigate away from the page.

Aug 25, 7: Kelly Foreword by Tony Shaw. Oct 28, 4: Gripes with this book. Solr for analytics – advanced field calculations – possible? Apr 19, 1: Bullet 4 – wrong file mentioned. Suggesting queries based on user activity. Oct 7, 8: Complex query operations Chapter Performing queries and handling results 7.


Solr in Action

Oct 15, 1: Nov 13, 1: Jun 24, This easy-to-read guide balances conceptual discussions with practical examples to show you how to implement all of Solr’s core capabilities. Aug 6, 2: Pluggable Similarity class implementations.

Oct 18, 9: Mar 29, 4: Dec 10, 4: Sep 22, 8: Searching, matching, and finding content. Error in generating solr-in-action. Solr maning scale across many servers to enable real-time queries and data analytics across billions of documents.

Navigating your content at a glance. Available language libraries in Solr. Jan 17, 5: Morton, and Andrew L. Oct 29, 2: Efficient field collapsing with the collapsing query parser.