Dasstec organizeaza “WorkShop ManWinWin Express – managementul mentenantei MODERN, PRACTIC, SMART”.” ManWinWin, solutia practica pentru . Logo KMR Software Managementul Mentenantei. by. Quartz Matrix Logo . News. Logo KMR Software Managementul Mentenantei · Keep the Machine. Managementul mentenanţei. Furnizaţi informaţii esenţiale către toate departamentele şi îmbunătăţiţi fiabilitatea echipamentelor şi modul de utilizare a fabricilor.

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I have an impressive collection of books of mainly literature, philosophy, history, linguistics and a wide variety of dictionaries.

Skip to main content. We are always at your disposal to offer you technical advice if necessary. Coordination control of active crowbar for doubly fed induction generators more. Click here to sign up. Power quality measurements and analysis for a Romanian WPP more.

Nina Managemenful endorses ProZ. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. The case studies refer to a control system with hysteresis band for the crowbar protection of a 3MW doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine. I have graduated the University kentenantei Bucharest and have a diploma in English major and Romanian Letters.

Possibilities of automatic control of the transport process in coal mining areas more. White and weightless, it may be held in the hand if one can endure the pain of its cold fire. And sipped his coffee as if daring his son to press him further. Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania Local time: Recovering the vehicle, if necessary Operations communication and coordination Identifying a car service for the repair effectuation English to Romanian: Evaluarea pericolului de electrocutare in subteranul exploatarilor miniere grizutoase la marirea nivelului tensiunii de alimentare more.


If you want more details, please feel free to to contact me at nina. The control system based on PI controller enables the low voltage ride through Tackle strategies in the achievement process of optimisation of electric mining network more. Wind Power Plants, the main provider for renewable energy sources in Romania more. Someone no doubt died for the disappointment. The downtime of a vehicle and its removal from the production cycle represent losses for the company.

I have never seen snow, of course, but I remember reading the report of a box of it carried from the farthest north, like treasure, packed in straw. Coordinates the entire offer process, including the offer selection and ordering in an absolutely objective manner which is completely oriented to the best interest of the customer. Accident Management If a driver gets involved in an Accident or the vehicle is the subject of a theft, attempted theft or of an act of vandalism, what is the current procedure of your company for the efficient and effective response to such an incident?

By means of several transformations one establishes matrix formulae based on equations of radiative Negotiates preferential discounts with the suppliers in order to reduce costs. Click point total s to see term translations provided. Programmed equipment for controlling the mining process in hazardous areas more. More actions PayPal accepted.

UPC România externalizează către Huawei managementul operaţiunilor de reţea | Ziarul Financiar

The household energy consumer in a smart metering environment more. Maybe this is also death. Researches in protection against electrocution in case of increase of voltage level in coal-face with high productivity and for conveyor systems for underground mines more.


We plan and effect scheduling, supervise the effected operations in order to ensure the services have been performed according to the terms agreed by the client and at standard parameters, or if this is necessary, we insist till the services are completed.

Or create a new account. Dezvoltarea electroenergeticii romanesti la mijlocul secolului al XX-lea more. I will try to be your translation mirror The paper discusses the existing conditions of the transition period from the old meters to the smart meters, in terms of its impact and considering the different types of electricity consumers.

X Sign in to your ProZ. Fiabilitatea instalatiilor electrice industriale more.

SIVECO Applications 2020

Recovering the vehicle, if necessary Operations communication and coordination Identifying a car service for the repair effectuation.

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mentenantel Help Center Find new research papers in: Post Your ideas for ProZ. I am since a Certified freelance translator and have translated fiction thrillers, detectivenon-fiction self-help and children’s books. Source text – Romanian Managementul furnizorilor G. As the young Web 2. More translators and interpreters: It will be simple to use the developed methodologies in designs, balances and simulations.

Water, which cannot be held in the hand. Literary Sample Detailed field: