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Pawan Kumar Singh Dr. She decided to help the people in what ever capacity that she could, this was the new beginning for Ratanamma. According to her there is altogether a managemdnt feeling when you cook fresh vegetables. Gurudev Singh Sindhu Dr. Vinod Prakash Gupta Dr. Here about 11 Acres of farming land is available too, where they plan to grow vegetables.

Raaji Shankaran has 9 members in his family and it is but natural that the consumption of vegetables will be more, in such an scenario he produces Onions, Potatoes or any other seasonal green vegetables.

Gyan ke Fundey: Inspirational and Motivational Stories

In the whole week they only dedicate a day or two for the society. Doing managwment ll this doesn’t take more than five minutes. T hey are youthand none of them is more than 28 years old, they all are educated and in good jobs with a decent pay check, but even after this they still feel that if something wrong is happening in the society then it is their job to put it right or they just want to keep on doing fynda which relaxes them and brings in the feeling that they have done something better today.

Sunil kumar Lavte Dr. Just how we ignore dead animals on road in the same way how many of us ignore the advertisements hanging on the tress? Along with the pictures people have to managementt the information about the locality. Posted by Appoorv Saxena at 3: Pramod Kumar Agarwal Dr.

  GMW 3097 PDF

Jayanti Prasad Nautiyal Dr. Ram Murti Tripathi Dr.

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Arvind and his team uses scientific methods, they also carry along with them scientific reports, facts and research papers to make people understand the ill effects of nailing the nail on the tree. In the same way Managemnt Fourseasons in Mumbai, have also bought a farming land to cultivate seasonal vegetables according to their choice and requirements. They also inspire and motivate raguhraman to actively participate in such activity.

Kanti Kumar Jain Dr. Arvind goes on to claim that when ever a tree is nailed, especially the old ones, there is every possibility that termites can enter into it and later make the tree hollow from inside. Ft terrace garden, where he grows different seasonal vegetables.

Management Funda of N Raghuraman

In South Mumbai there is an Advertising Professor, Ms Rajeshwari Ravi, she too grows vegetables in her kitchen garden, whenever she needs vegetables she goes to her kitchen garden and pluck the vegetables. Ajay Kumar Singh Dr. All the above leads to escalation in cost of procurement.

Actually all of them are worried about the rising cost of different vegetables, in the same way families too are worried about the quality of vegetables which they buy as the farmers are using pesticides to grow them, which adversely affects the health.

There is a hotel Sofitel in Bandra, which has a restaurant – Pondicherry Cafe. The cafe has its own kitchen garden, where they grow Tomatoes, Italian Tulsi BasilCarom or Bishops Weed, Brinjals and other varieties of vegetables.

Amar Kumar Singh Prof. Ram Prasad Pandey Dr. She adorns her white apron and visits the villagers thrice a week along with her diabetes and blood pressure testing kit.

But Nitin Jaani and his friends who work s for Teeme x Solutions in Pune, do care about these dead animals. Books Written by N. Sukn Paswan Prgyackshu Dr. Just last Friday Nitin and his friends set out on highway for 12 hours and found 28 dead animals who met with an road accident, all these animals were removed from the road and were burie d.


She adopted her sister’s daughter and started taking good care of her, but her world came crashing down when she learned that the little girl suffers from Type – I Diabetes. Be the first to give us feedback so we can improve.

She is considered no less than a doctor as she doesn’t hold any medical degree and how could she, as she has not even completed her 8th grade. Armed with managemeent from people Ar vind and his 15 member strong team reaches the spot, removes the hoarding and nails from the tree, rectifies the tree.

In an road accident pet and wild animals both die, leave alone the records, we do not even care to remove the se dead animals from the middle of the road on to the side, but some how zig-zag our way to continue with our journey. It’s not just about the cost but other manafement like Import procedures, storage, and transportation problems add to one’s woes. Not only this even farmers tend to irrigate their vegetable farmland with sewage water, which has led people to grow vegetables in their raghuramah backyard.

Later they employ those techniques by which new life can be given to the tree. Shashi Prakash Choudhary Dr. Whether it’s the Hoteliers or the residents of Bandra suburb most of them have opted to grow vegetables in their backyard. Ranjana Kumari Purve Dr. N ot a single NGO or a majagement has such an record. Raaji Shankaran from Chennai has about vacant Sq. But when raghuramann at our own backyard, you get rid of all these problems.

Ram Niranjan Parimalendu Dr.

Sankari Prasada Vandyopadhyaya Dr.