Mama Lola has ratings and 48 reviews. Bill said: Walking between the worldsKaren McCarthy Brown has penned a masterpiece! Mama Lola, known to fam. Karen McCarthy Brown’s classic book shatters stereotypes of Vodou by offering an intimate portrait of African-based religion in everyday life. She explores the. This book, Mama Lola, A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn, is an exploration into one woman’s life and family heritage, and how she comes into the role of a healer.

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I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge and learn about a strong woman who faces many struggles, but overcomes them.

Brown also notes that the images of spirits in Haitian Vodou are intrinsically linked to Catholic iconography; e. Mama Lola and her ministry in Brooklyn, New York. Jacques Majeurone of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. This book has disappeared into the same black hole in my house that ate my wedding ring, msma of my favorite movies and about a third of the baby’s socks.

Sects and Violence in the Ancient World. Mama Lola comes off as an utterly real mamz She neglects the reality of male vodou practitioners who are, for their part, possessed by female spiritsthe subjective nature of her own analyses, and the limited nature of her experiences with one particular individual’s approach to one particular branch of voodoo.

I love McCarthy Brown’s delicate treatment of Haitians living in Brooklyn, as well as her clear rendering of vodou’s most complicated theological features. She has to be, because she is an academic, but too much analysis takes away from the orthopra This book was absolutely wonderful, and deepened my understanding of Vodou tremendously. Sep 04, Robyn rated it liked it Recommends it for: To ask other readers questions about Mama Lolaplease sign up.


This section contains words approx. She eagerly embraces the chance, and through the will of the spirits, begins her practice in Brooklyn, New York.

Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn by Karen McCarthy Brown

Danbada Hwedo Is considered to be one of the oldest spirits in the Vodou religion whose origins can be traced to Dahomey or West Africa, where most Haitian slaves originated from. However, this did not mean she had given up Vodou; as Brown described it, “Lola wants ih spirits” Retrieved from ” https: She explores the importance of women’s religious practices along with related themes of family and of social change.

By fully immersing herself within the culture, traditions, and everyday happenings of Mama Lola’s life throughout the course of her research, Brown was able to achieve incredible insight into what the practice of Haitian Vodou actually means to active practitioners.

The book is very dense — full of detailed stories of the various Vodou spirits often a blend of African spirits and Roman Catholic saints.

Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn

Its a good book, you should read it. I’ve jokingly recommended this for the “chicken soup for the soul” crowd. Nov 05, T.

It thought it was a really interesting read. In addition to writing and teaching, she conducted field research in Haiti and has also conducted researched among Vodou immigrant communities in Brooklyn — An important Vodou spirit called Azaka reminds followers of their roots, the importance of family, and their connection to their land in Haiti Both are excellent studies that shed much-needed light the colorful and vibrant world of Voodoo.


Some time after the publication of Mama LolaAlourdes “made Ocha ” initiating herself into the Santeria religion As Alourdes was preparing to travel back to Haiti for her initiation into the Vodou priesthood, a fire broke out and destroyed her home; for a while, Alourdes and her family lived with friends They just have affiliation” This is probably the first and easily the best ethnographic study done of Haitian vodou to date.

Her father Alphonse Margaux, or Pepe as he liked to be called, was a lawyer in Haiti’s tax office. Where does this study cease to be a disinterested study of another culture and instead become an idyll inaccessible to educated, first-world men and women? InMama Lola resurfaced into the media when she made a guest appearance on Tori Spelling’s reality TV show, Tori and Deanwhere we learned about the cleansing ritual that Mama Lola had performed on Tori back inwhen Tori believed that ‘she had an evil eye on her’, that was causing turmoil within her life.

Religion and the New Immigrants: