He in turn, credited a Vedic sage named Maharshi Bharadwaja, The Vymanika Shastra was first committed to writing between and. Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. This Shastra in 8 chapters is expounded by the revered Bharadwaja Maharshi. In it the 28, kinds of vehicles and yantras useful in traveling.

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Vaimanika Shastra free PDF e-book version

It had to be a beautiful volume commensurate with the magnificence of its subject, and the high expectations of the public awaiting its publication. Often they are portrayed as weapons of war.

Again, in its introduction, BVS mentions that a few words did have a structure similar to that of the Vedic Sanskrit. It breaks through the earth, emitting great heat, mounts with a linka speed to the upper sky regions, and reaching the aerial routes, envelopes the vimaana, and affects the personnel inside causing grave physical disabilities, and paralysing the brain.

By turning the key at the bottom of the Vimana, a white cloth is made to appear. So I didn’t hesitate. The peetha or seat should be made of the wood of pippala or the holy fig tree, 8 feet and 3 feet high, and square or circular.

Each of these types had been fully described. Vyroopya darpana and 7. This can be explained on the basis of the fact that Shri Ellappa who made the drawings was in a local engineering college and was thus familiar with names and details of some machinery. The whole is to be covered. By the action of the rays on the acids the crystal in the vessel will become charged with a cold frigid force called krownchinee. And Naalapanchaka or Five tubes: The crest-crystals are of kinds.


Their names are pinjuleeka, keeranaka, dimbhaka, paarvateeyaka, kachchapa, gaaruda, uddanda, shaktipa, govidaaraka, pavanaasya, panchavaktra, vajraka, kankana, ahirbudhnya, kundalika, naakula, oomanaabhika, trimukha, saptasheershanya, panchaavartha, paraavatha, aavarta, naabhika, oordhvaasya, shilaavarta. Purifying the metal sumrileeka mixed with manjeera, a pedestal should be cast, 12 feet long, 18 inches thick, and shaped as a square or circle.

With a shrieking noise the air will be sucked in by each tube and the petals will shoot the air far into the outer air. Then the vessel should be filled with the cold generating acid. In the realm of milk-yielding trees, dugdha-pranaalee, patapaadapa, payodharee, panchavatee, and virinchi are the 5 most suitable for manufacture of milk-cloth useful for vimaanas.

We hope they will deem it an invaluable addition to their libraries, and find it an ever interesting companion. After the function the Mss. And in Kendra-pathha there occurs gharshanaavartha or whirl-pool by collision.

At each centre revolving joints should be fixed. Says kriyaasaara, out of the 72nd type of glass, make a triangular, a circular, and a quadrangular shaped glass mirrors. The pipes are to be manufactured as follows.

India Did NOT Invent The World’s Oldest Plane. Here Is Proof!

By accelerating them and directing them against the enemy, the guhaa-garbha mirror disables them. Having dealt with clothing and food for pilots, now the metals suitable for aeroplanes are being dealt with.

Their names are ushnambhara, ushnapaa, ushnahana, raajaamlatrit, veerahaa, panchaghna, agnitrit, bhaarahana, sheetahana, garalaghna, amlahana, vishambhara, vishalyakrit, vijamitra and Vaatamitra etc. The manufacture of this mirror is thus explained in “Darpana-prakarana”: On contact of the power therein the force will split into 5 streams. Formally, this book is still under copyright, not only in the Vaimanikka States but in every other country including India.


That crownchinee force should be projected through naala or tube towards the kulikaa, like imbedding a gunja pea vaimani,a a lump of lac.

maharxhi There is a ridiculously detailed number of Sanskrit passages and diagrams that look like something a scientist would understand. The Maharaja and Chief Minister K. We had therefore to gather strength from the cumulative good-will of the world-wide public, and gird ourselves up for the strenuous undertaking. Lal of Mahaeshi, P. The extant text is claimed to be only a small one-fortieth part of a larger work Yantra Sarvaswa “All about machines” [6] composed by Maharishi Bharadwaj and other sages for the “benefit of all mankind”.

Full text of “The Vimanika (PDFy mirror)”

The Vimaana is a vehicle which flies in the sky with speed comparable with birds. Diwakar of Behar, Maharaja of Kashi, Dr. Vishwakriyaa darpana is to be fixed on a revolving stand near the pilot so that he could observe whatever is happening outside on all sides. To the south of it at the 21st centre the wind blowing mechanism should be http: Parivesha mechanism above the hood of the Vimana.

This mirror is capable of neutralising and overcoming their effects. Josyer showed some types of designs and drawing of a helicopter-type cargo-loading plane, specially meant for carrying combustibles and ammunition, passenger aircraft carrying to persons, double and treble-decked aircraft. From the openings 3 glass tubes should be projected with downward bends into 3 wide mouthed vessels. Air pilots should take food 5 times a day.