In a study on ponds in the Golestan Province, Iran, a number of shrimps was caught and identified as Macrobrachium nipponense. Due to the. A population of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense is recorded from Anzali Lagoon, along the shores of the southern Caspian Sea in Iran, with. The oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) is mainly distributed in East Asia. The phylogeography, population genetic structure and.

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Macrobrachium nipponense – Wikipedia

Ensuring safety and preserving food quality during production and maintenance of products for food producers is a major macrobrachlum. However, the results of this study indicated that dry shrimp has good amounts of fatty acids that their absorption by the human macrorbachium is necessary to deal with many of present diseasesSampaio et al. Controlled bioassay systems for determination of lethal infective doses of tissue homogenates containing Taura syndrome or white spot syndrome virus.

Kacrobrachium from the third month onwards, the number of yeasts increased from to in dried shrimp by the oven and vacuum dryers.

So that the colors caused by the growth of bacteria or the loss of food quality, will lose customer acceptance. Then it was filled to mark with chloroform. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. It was rinsed with chloroform, but was not exceed mark of volumetric.

Distribution of freshwater shrimp Macrobrachium nipponense in the freshwater ecosystems such as Alagol, Almagol, Ajigol lagoons, Gomishan lagoon and Gorganrud River. The factors that create TVN in fish and shrimp meat are enzymes present in meat and microorganism activities [ 30 ].

  ASTM D6400 PDF

Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849)

But Niamunuy et al. Other parameters derived from the above color parameters include the Chroma index indicating the intensity of the colorthe Hue angle an indicator of the food color that is the angles of 0 or degrees, representing the red and the angles 90, and degrees represents the yellow, green and blue colors, respectively and macrobrachiumm brown index the product color changes to brown color [ 35 ].

The term of color parameters are used to check the changes made to the color properties of the food substance during the drying nippponense. Thiobarbituric acid substances TBA were determined by the steam distillation method [ 12 ].

So, in order to control the increase in the moisture during storage time, the cabinet-type air dryer method was better than other two methods Table 3. View raw image Close. Drying method means that the water is removed from the material. In this study, with compare three selective methods of cabinet-type air, the oven and under vacuum dryers and then vacuum packaging of the samples in metalize films were observed that each method has its particular characteristics.

Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Because, the preservation of product taste after drying is highly dependent on its drying method. Microorganism counts of dried shrimps by three methods cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers during 6 months storage at ambient temperature.

Data are from three replicates of 10 individuals. After a little shaking the balloons by hand, 2 g magnesium oxide and anti-bumping granules were added to them. Three 10 ml aliquots of chloroform filtrate were transferred into pre-weighed aluminum drying dishes and allowed to evaporate the solvent. Table 3 shows the results of measuring the color in dried shrimp by three different methods: The minimum and maximum temperature was 6.


Finding the correct methods, especially for the production of dry seafood that sometimes use as snacks is essential. Analyzing dried shrimp showed that they can be a very rich source of protein and used as a healthy food in the market by the consumer. The amount of shrimp ash in three drying methods included cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers was also respectively 9.

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The results of counting the total bacteria Table 4 showed that with increasing storage time, the number of microorganisms increased. On the other hand, many of the reactions that occur during the thermal process in food can affect macrobracjium color. CarcinologyBiology Copyright: Changes in the chemical analysis as a result of storage are shown in Table 3. Standardized white spot syndrome virus WSSV inoculation procedures for intramuscular or oral routes.

FFA is used as a quality index for aquatic organisms and other food products. Histological changes in cuticular epithelial cells after WSSV infection.