The Macharius ‘Vanquisher’ is armed with twin-linked Vanquisher Cannons in the main turret. Search. Edit; Watch this page. Macharius Vanquisher. Redirect page. Redirect to: Macharius (Heavy Tank)#Macharius ‘Vanquisher’. Retrieved from. Ladies and Gents, this is a long one. It’s part wishlisting, conversion idea generation, and a discussion piece. TL:DR – how would you.

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Since the mega-bolter is fed by a high-speed autoloader, the Macharius Vulcan requires only a crew of six, using the space previously taken up by the two loaders for more ammunition.


Sorry it’s not better news Sometime during the middle of the 41st Millennium a Magos from the Forge World of Lucius known as Nalax discovered the partial data remnants of a long forgotten battle tank that was used during the Great Crusade. Oh I know; Forgeworld does explain though. An easy add is to bump the sponsons up from single weapons to twin jacharius, similar to sponsons found on other vanqisher guard superheavies.

The cannon uses specialised, shaped high explosive shells take down enemy tanks from afar. While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using nacharius anti-tank shells in addition to normal munitions.

The process took two hundred years of careful study and consultation with other forge worlds before acceptance was given and Lucius sanctioned to begin production, though Nalax would not live to see his dream realized.

Plagiarism – Do not pass off other people’s work as your own. Become macharous Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In appearance and operation, the Macharius is the big brother of the Leman Russ Battle Tank — each of the main weapons available to the Macharius chassis is the equivalent of one of the Russ variants.

Ladies and Gents, this is a long one. As is common in WH40K, the fluff does not equal the crunch.

Macharius Vanquisher Question : Warhammer30k

The Macharius Heavy Tank as you can already imagine, cannot hope to match the Baneblade in firepower, armor, engine performance or advanced logic-engines due to its smaller size and fewer weapons.


The comparable ease with which the Macharius Omega can be manufactured and maintained has more then overcome its shortcomings in the eyes of the Departmento Munitorum, and large quantities of resources have been devoted to the forge worlds which produce them such as Lucius, Hellgrace and Dynax Primus.

This article is about Tank. Fired at very high velocities, the anti-tank shells can penetrate even the thickest of armour, turning this variant into a potent tank hunter. From here we start to get into the more murky waters of adjusting roles and straight up adding weapons. They’re only Fast Attack for Mechanicum though?

Other differences with the Macharius Omega is the removal of the hull-mounted Heavy Stubbers, while the sponsons can mount Heavy Vanquieher, Heavy Stubbers or Autocannons. You can buy it if your willing to front the costs of producing 10 models. So in effect the Macharius Vanquisher is more of an honest-to-Emprah heavy Main Battle Tank than the regular Macharius; capable of engaging any enemy on the ground effectively and is damn hard to kill. Personal tools Log in Request account.

Adding additional sponsons options such as autocannons, multi-lasers, or lascannons would also differentiate the Macharius from its smaller brethren and move it further into the role of a heavy hitter.

Macharius Heavy Tank

Despite these failings it is still a powerful vanquishe tank and a whole load more useful than that silly looking Malcador; to reiterate what has been said before, the Macharius carries a very thick frontal armor and twin synchronized Battle Cannons in its vamquisher turret. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Despite these failings it is still a solid heavy tank, carrying very thick frontal armor and twin synchronized Battle Cannons in its main turret.

In contrast to its counterpart, the Malcador Annihilatorthe Macharius Vanquisher is superior in almost every way.

Macharius Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

Only a handful of Forge Worlds are allowed access to the original STC designs for these ancient and powerful war-machines, and a Mechanicus Magos may petition Mars for access to these designs for centuries or even a millennia without success. Well it was just a thought. Meet-up for games X-post. However they soon found themselves swamped by the Departmento Munitorium ‘s demands for the vehicle, and when the world of Krieg was returned to the Imperial fold it was Lucius that was charged with equipping their newly-raised regiments.


DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Vanquiwher was thinking of it because it can punch through flair shields. This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k Rules Be respectful DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit.

For other uses of Machariussee Macharius disambiguation. Like many, I find the Macharius hull to be very appealing. Other Forge Worlds try to fill the gap in super-heavy tank demand by building heavy tanks of the Macharius and Malcador families.

In addition to resurrecting what became known as the Macharius, Magos Nalax also produced variants which replaced the tank’s main armament with alternate weapons. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Posts linking to other people’s work may be removed at content owner’s request. While the Russ’s Vanquisher Cannon is a pure tank hunter no blastthe Macharius is large enough to carry a second rack of shells that have no extra armor-piercing effect but are 2d6 S8 Ap Secondary fire comes in the form of a hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Stubber and two sponson-mounted Heavy Stubbers, although the latter can be switched out for Heavy Flamers or Heavy Bolters.