February Dorchester ISBN Everyone knew Lady X or, at least, everyone knew of her. The masked courtesan was reputedly a noblewoman. It’s a case of mistaken identities and unmistakable attraction in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ classic historical romance, previously. The Reluctant Reformer By Lynsay Sands – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Once Madame had agreed to the undertaking, however, she had become quite enthusiastic. The lass is her golden goose. Before Maggie could even collect herself enough to ask what she must see and why, they had reached this room. Credo di non aver mai letto di due protagonisti tanto stupidi, incoscienti e assurdi.

That did not, however, mean that she need learn anything more than she already had from her interviews. I find her character lovable and reckless. This was dumb, well-written fun. From Gerald’s papers she had learned that he had met with Mr. I think I have a thing for strong, mysterious older not too old! Her eyes narrowed on the man as she realized that she had been discussing the fact that Pastor Frances had been paying her court, and that she thought he might soon pop the relucctant when Madame had suddenly rushed her up here.

Would she dress in reluctanh of ye? Wincing at the pain now shooting up her leg, Maggie was busily rubbing the appendage when the door she had knocked with her knee opened. Soft candlelight immediately spilled in over her. While the initial premise becomes old pretty fast, the following novel is quite fun and includes somethings which don’t normally happen in historical romance.


Clark the adventurist writer who wrote columns for the Daily Express reformmer the seedier side of London life; the reformee, the truth, the gaming hells, fortunes won and lost, affairs taking place, etc.

The Reluctant Reformer

Ordering them to stand firm, she moved quickly across the room, pausing at the door to take a breath and listen for sounds in the hallway. That was when Maggie had had her brilliant idea. Well, I’d guess that xands there is a matter of perspective, ain’t it?

Maggie took in the hopeful gaze of the girl, peered at the ground such a long way down, then shifted cautiously on the ledge, her mind made up when her stomach jumped nervously. Lady X’s mask is far more fancy. Maggie shifted her feet slightly, trying to ease the ache her cramped position was causing in her legs.

So saying, the woman had stood quickly, grasped Maggie’s hand and dragged her from her chair, then hurried her from lynsy room and along the hall. Who is discretion herself? I am glad I read it, but sometimes I thought she didn’t put feeling into it. Truly, Maggie had no desire to learn that much of what went on here. Para mim, deixou a desejar.

The Reluctant Reformer – Lynsay Sands – Google Books

She could do it Gerald had loved that bloody townhouse in the city. Maisey was a no-nonsense type of woman it seemed.

Be the first to ask a question about The Reluctant Reformer. James had to ignore his quarry’s violent protests that he was an idiot, that she was never the infamous X. Snatching the wench away would be a ticklish business, and after that, things would get harder. I love a good Historical Romance and know that Lynsay Sands can always deliver a good one.

I could hardly dig about in here with you sitting there just waiting to be discovered by the Pastor, could I? I only subtracted one star because the final third was more stra This was dumb, well-written fun. Lady Margaret Wentworth supports herself and her contingent of servants by working as a part-time investigative reporter for a London journal.


In the end, Maggie had had to confess herself the culprit.

They complete each other when they finally look past their initial meeting and impressions. Especially when she merely had to sit quiet for a little while to avoid scandal. Someone is clearly determined to kill Maggie. Glancing reluctantly back to the man as he shed his trousers, Maggie took in the fact that the welts covered not just his back, but his buttocks and the backs of his upper thighs as well, and frowned in bewilderment.

It was a townhouse fit for a Duke, with lots of rooms, and even more servants in attendance. Stories of men who enjoyed odd or even unhealthy diversions during their sexual exploits. I will be staying at Ramsey for a while. But she forgot all these concerns when Frances answered, “Aye, my sweet Maggie. He was at the top of the steps before he realized that Johnstone hadn’t told him what room Lady X was supposed to be in. I seemed to graze over parts that would not end I’ll only be a minute and it will seem more real.

Aug 20, Alex rated it it was ok Shelves: Grimacing, she paused to the side of it and peered around the edge. Ye’ll break yer bones jumpin’ from here.