Vocabulary from C. A. E. Luschnig’s “An Introduction to Ancient Greek” (2nd ed.), the textbook used by undergraduates at St. John’s College. Lessons follow. To that end I’ve picked up Luschnig’s Introduction Ancient Greek: A Literary But I’m having trouble finding something that uses Luschnig. C.A.E. Luschnig, An Introduction to Ancient Greek: A Literary Approach. Second edition, revised by C.A.E. Luschnig and Deborah Mitchell.

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Many pages appear crowded especially, for example, pp.

Learning Ancient Greek

Sameer Kumar rated it it was amazing Aug 15, As for learning Greek, I’d recommend at least looking for someone you can consult with questions though you can always post here. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Mostly these are gnomic utterances from Menander, philosophers, or the tragedians. Because otherwise, you’re exercising for exercise itself.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

I am not an autodidact, but would consider Luschnig or Mastronarde the luschmig texts for self-study. But have it by your side, and watch as the mystery of the Greek slowly unfolds. Indeed, history, oratory, and epic are almost entirely absent. The book is relatively not very thick, lschnig easy to carry, yet densely packed with materials.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Bryn Mawr Classical Review Students need earlier exposure to the more common items so that they have as much practice and exposure as possible when they begin encountering them regularly luschnih the ancient authors.


Groton, From Alpha to Omega: Lists with This Book. Second, for ancient Greek, there is no getting around memorization.


So long as you stay dedicated and keep at it, you should be fine. Return to Book Page. Account Options Sign in.

Students meet ‘real Greek’ early and often, and the exercises are ample and varied. Ancient Greek is magic. Keith rated it really liked it Oct 19, An Introduction to Ancient Greek: Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Want luschnjg Read saving…. These materials reinforce the lessons and improve oral and aural competency. In alphabetical luschig by author, the most popular such books are: The answers to the exercises are only in the instructor version, but you could still use it for additional passages to read when you’re just starting out I suppose – it’s more than likely available through a library. The memorization is brutal, especially if you have no previous foreign language experience.

Teachers will want to select from the sometimes shocking abundance of exercises in Lesson 12, there are a full hundred forms to parse and eighty sentences to translate into Englishbut choice in such material is welcome. Each lesson ends with a brief section on some cultural item, including a few sections on conversational Greek, essays on colors, flowers, theater, and so on.


For example, some terms in the Introduction are glossed, but others, like “Byzantine,” are not. Used this textbook all year for my study of Ancient Greek, both component A Introductory level and component B Reading level and I’ve got to say, one of the more well structured language textbooks I’ve used. Knowing Latin would also make learning Greek go more smoothly. It is harder without someone who can give you instant feedback, but not impossible.

A certain degree of carelessness is also evident. Nothing will stop you colder in your tracks than not understanding a grammatical construct, especially as an autodidact, where it’s easier to give up than it is to push on because you’re threatened with a bad grade.

Learn the patterns of ending to help simplify your task.

William rated it liked it Dec 02, Overall, I learned how to read ancient Greek so the book fulfilled its purpose. The lessons themselves have a consistent structure: Luschhnig a living language, close enough is good enough, in that it’s understandable and can be used to communicate with someone.

Which ancient Greek dialect does this book teach?