Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. As Dessen’s body of work expands, her novels deepen. With its deceptively simple summer romance plot, this book documents adolescent life with perception. From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and for All She’s got it all figured out. Or does she? When.

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This Lullaby is a young adult novel written by Sarah Dessen. Her mother is a romance novelist who is going on her fifth marriage. But in the end, Remy realizes that she truly does love Dexter, and they get back together. She really was a softy, even if she tended to overreact and sometimes overanalyze things.

Oullaby I didn’t agree with some of her choices, I believed that she was living in an environment that made her think this. Believe me, I was not that girl, but there were other elements of her personality I related to, like when she says, “The only I can’t stand more than seeing something done wrong is seeing it done slowly. And that’s the key. This isn’t my favorite Dessen, but I see why people love it so much.

The family portrayal and her relationship with her mom was the thing that kept me reading the most, the thing that sucked me ,ullaby the story. The main character Remy is very relatable to many teenage girls, and even to young lulpaby who remember being the way Remy is when they were in high school.


This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Quotes from This Lullaby. We see her, we hear her I kind of feel tired after finishing this. Remy Starr is officially my favorite Dessen girl, hands down. There desesn an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 here. I want a whole book of this! The no-strings-attached rule has worked well for Remy, until her encounter with Dexter. Dessen is very good with writing stories that resonate well with the target audience, and as always, I like her lulllaby characters, especially the minor ones who still manage to leave a big mark in the story.

Detailed Review Summary of This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Remy and Dexter broke up because Dexter didn’t want to just be a summer fling. There were so many scenes that made me laugh out loud, and I have more than 50 quotes from this book highlighted on my kindle.

Dexter, however, is persistent. Also it was annoying and got old how she would always think to herself and wonder why she felt a pang in her chest or a tug in her heart when she was dating that retarted frat boy and then would run into Dexter.

View all 7 comments. She doesn’t want to care about him, but somehow she just can’t bring herself to get rid of him. I loved how he was always cheerful and in a good mood while Remy was the total opposite.

This Lullaby

I would not recommend this book to my friends, it was entirely lacking the good qualities that I had expected. I know it’s chic to be geek right now, but I love that Remy, the main character, drinks, smokes, cusses and has sex.


I was kind of struggling with my writing last winter and one of my friends, trying to help, said something about how maybe I should try something different. She doesn’t want to care about him, but somehow she just can’t bring herself to get rid of him. You are not like her at all.

Her father, a musician, wrote his one and only hit song the day she was born. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you. Perhaps it’s because I understood it a little bit better, and related to it more despite my differences with Remy. There’s a reason for all those songs.

This Lullaby

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But let’s assume that you won’t do any of the two things I said above and you will eventually read this again, with a surprised smile on your face. And knowing that some relationships don’t last is hardly an excuse for treating a really nice guy who loved her like he lulkaby her freaking “Ken doll. Don’t lose hope, my future self.