God didn t intend for us to carry around the luggage of betrayal pain and woundedness. The freedom we long for es through forgiveness not revenge. Maybe. Find Nooma DVD Pack #2 Luggage / Dust / Bullhorn / Lump / Rhythm / Matthew, Volumes at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Nooma is a revolutionary product that is changing the way people experience spirituality – a series of short films on DVD with a 32 page discussion guide. It’s not.

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But with Jesus, there is no condemnation. Have you ever heard somebody say that, like, because luygage something that was done to them, they’ve been, like, “You know what? I ran into this guy that I know the other day, whose wife has left him for another man. Or have you ever had this happen?

But this isn’t the kind of picture that Jesus paints of God. I mean, we’ve all wronged someone. It’s like God was right there.

We’ll say things, like, you know: I actually think I can do Your job better than You can. I mean, have you really ever gotten revenge and then felt good about yourself?

It’s like we carry them with us everywhere we go. Because forgiving isn’t always forgetting, like in the healthiest of relationships, luggags wrongs the other person, and then they let it go, and they move on, and it’s no big deal. So may you forgive as you’ve been forgiven. I can control the situation. It’s something you do. Free from feeling like you’re the judge of the world. I was talking to this girl I know the other day, this friend of mine, and part way through our conversation, she’s like: Revenge is like part of our world, isn’t it?


Or maybe, like, just a business partner who took the money and ran, or a relative who abused you or a friend who, like, turned on you, and it’s like you try not think about it, but then if you’re like me, then you end up thinking about it more than ever, and it’s like you want to nooma this stuff behind lugggage.

What they did to me is so horrible, I will never forgive noooma. I mean, I don’t know what you’re carrying around, or how long you’ve been carrying it around, but as we journey through life, we get hurt, and we get wounded, and we end up carrying these debts that people owe us.

I have to hope that good comes their way, ’cause if I’m still unable to wish them well and wish them good, then I’m really just waiting for them to get punished, and I really And this other friend of mine, she was telling me that she doesn’t really have the same kind of beliefs as her family, and every time she goes to a family reunion, she said they luggzge just turn on her, and they just get noomz and angry, and she I can’t forgive them for what they did.

We need to do it today. But maybe it was somebody that you really loved, or that you still love, and they left you. I mean, that might be how God gets their attention. And may you do it today, because you might not have the chance tomorrow. There is this proverb in the Bible that says: So, like any runny nose or any nooka accident, anything bad that happens, people assume it’s God punishing them ’cause they weren’t doing the right thing at that time or that everything luhgage some sort of judgment or punishment.


And they can end up making the journey exhausting.

May you give to others what’s been given to you. In this Book of Romans, Chapter 12, the writer says: I mean, have you ever really luggagee the score?

LUGGAGE – Rob Bell – NOOMA with English subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

I mean, revenge is really saying to God: I mean, we talk like this all the time. But we need to forgive, and we need to start today. Some people, we may not even be able to be around them.

It just gets ugly really fast, and she leaves in tears every time. If he’s hitting you, or you’re being abused, you need to get out, and you need to get out now, because some people, toxic dangerous people, they may need to live with the consequences of what they’ve done.


But think about revenge.