Lucy R. Lippard and John Chandler (). During the dematerialization of art, especially of art as object, and if it continues to prevail, it may result in. the dematerialization of art lucy r. lippard and john chandler. During the ‘s, the anti-intellectual, emotional/intuitive processes ofart-making character. In Six Years Lucy R. Lippard documents the chaotic network of ideas that has been Six Years The Dematerialization of the Art Object from to

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Lucy R. Lippard

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About the Author Lucy R. The book is arranged as an annotated chronology into which is woven a rich collection of original documents—including texts by and taped discussions among and with the artists lippqrd and by Lippard, who has also provided a new preface for this edition.

What Was Dematerialization? (And What Does It Mean in the Age of “The Cloud”?)

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“The Politics of Immateriality and ‘The Dematerialization of Art'” by Owen J. Duffy JR

Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art”cites Lippard’s scholarship as its point of entry into a discussion about conceptual art during its era of emergence, demonstrating her crucial role in the contemporary understanding of this period of art production and criticism. Collecting with us means you’re helping to sustain creative culture and supporting organizations that are making the world a better place. By “User Content” we mean any content you post to the site, which may include reviews, comments, image uploading, captions, participating in forums, curating or creating art collections and other such features that allow you to add content to the site.

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