Editorial Reviews. Review. “J.R. Ward’s unique band of brothers is to die for. I love this series!”—New York Times bestselling author bestseller Suzanne. Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 11) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. ‘Lover at Last’ Black Dagger Brotherhood #11 by J.R. Ward. Received from the Publisher. From the BLURB: Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to.

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How in the heck is this going to work? To think JR Ward would do this, would do something like this Qhuinn lzst Blay are my main ship, I shipped them so hard even when I gave up on them.

Lots of people have touched the lack of lube issue, but the core issue to me was the lack of tenderness, of spark, of emotional connection.

Blay coming out to his parents: Because family is an always kind of thing. What about the Vishous thing, Blay? I don’t need to know about Assail the fucking cokehead douchebag and fucking Sonia whatever her names is the cat burglar, I wanted to kill something every time a Qhuay chapter ended, and I had to read about fucking Trez and his sex addiction!!!!!

First off, I couldn’t wait to get my greedy little hands on it. Can they please go away now Ward? Another layer gets peeled back and I’m lovin it. I am fagger the BDB wanted him to join them, because he totally deserves it: Qhuinn turned his face into one of the male’s palms.

Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J.R. Ward

I’m proud of you. It’s not the first time he ignores what he wants to favor Qhuinn. I thoroughly enjoyed their stalking of each other and hate that all of this wasn’t placed in their own book. So, my reaction to this book?


Lover At Last – J.R. Ward

View all 41 comments. Hell has brotheruood over! You’ve got to be kidding me! Their story wasn’t going to end up all hush-hush like V and Butch’s the author has alluded to Broherhood and V getting it on off-page, and their significance in the overall story arc wasn’t going to be played down by telling their story in a separate novella, as if they had to be segregated from the other males of the series because they were gay.

Because Blay is Qhuinn’s family. They did have some small confrontations with the enemy but they did not alter the plot of the series in any meaningful way and all the brothers always ended up safe with nothing bad happening.

The book tries to fight for equal rights. Wrath was promised to Marissa, sort of. The Brother spoke up, his deep voice cutting through the din. Again, if I remember clearly, SV made an appearance and gave blessings when Butch was inducted. Unfortunately, the rest of the blzck needed more work.

Now to Blay and Qhuinn, the characters the book was supposedly written llast. What lost the 1st star: I guess Ward has to pick her battles, and she chose to work with his story first.

Then you have to be open to meeting somebody new. I was so excited that they were getting their own book a hardcover no less as opposed to JR Ward’s former plans to just give dagver a novella. And then last year it was announced, BAM! I hope you continue to enjoy the BDB world. Ward weaved her tale so beautifully that she and the brothers captured our hearts, Caldwell was her town the brothers her creation and it soon became OURS. At the end of Lover Reborn, Qhuinn proclaimed “Our time has come”.

That is the problem. Second, I jumped upon it like lback Shellan after her mate and lastly, it left me utterly let down.


Lover At Last

Sola Where did this chick come from? Is is a bro-mance story? It was nice seeing them making Qhuinn part of their family. Why was lver not a boding scent when brotherhoood were having sex? There were things I enjoyed and made me relish my reunion with the BDB gang and other things that were just meh and frustrating to the point I was tempted to hurl this out my window.

The one thing I was really disappointed over was view spoiler [Qhuinn’s first time, when he bottoms for Blay. Beautiful to the max. I don’t mind angst, but really wanted more for these two.

You are where you are, and it’s okay – ” Qhuinn’s head cranked around, leaving its cage of the hand that had remained, his blue and green eyes red rimmed and watery. The same can be said about Tohr and his book as well.

He is such a special character.

If sagger want a book all about equality and such, show me a gay wedding. Where were the brothers???? This is the book the fans have eagerly awaited. But what I got was a whole lotta t I waited over four years and was tortured through four books of angst, just to get a Novella disguised as a Novel. There was waaaayyyy too much going on that I didn’t care about. I’m tempted to stay at 3 stars just for the mention of Ed Hardy footwear. Are there actually readers that like this character?