PDF | The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa is a book written by Sir Fredrick Lugard (the first colonial Governor General of Nigeria). It forms or constructs. Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January – 11 April ), known as Sir Frederick Lugard . Lugard’s The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa was published in and discussed indirect. Born to an English family in India in , Frederick Lugard rose to His The Dual Mandate, first published in , became a handbook for all.

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This discourse mandae sync well with the paternalistic posture of the colonialists. The heroism of the people of Satiru is made to be supplanted by rebellion, their patriotic resistance by impudent recalcitrance. We are, I argue, primed by each encounter so that when we come to use the word or syllable or combination of words we characteristically replicate the contexts in which we had previously encountered it.

Full text of “The dual mandate in British tropical Africa”

The chiefs were expected to transmit these received instructions to the indigenous people and see to their implementation. First, people learn from the discourses that are available, and they may form opinions about issues through a persistent exposure to a particular form of view.

This issue is not without precedence especially through the activities of British explorers who are seen in history as ethnographers by their assessment using the visual. Finally, Lugard reasoned that colonisation had become a fad and that, in order to remain a tbe power, Britain would need to hold colonies to avoid appearing weak. In local governance, they utilized an effective system of taxation and a judicial system based on Islamic lawthe Sharia.

The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa, by Frederick John Dealtry Lugard (1965)

Quite in consonance with the Lacanian other and the gaze of the child, the colonial subject gains their identity and image from the mirror held by colonial discourse and authority. The overall thrust of this discursive construction here as such is to show a people with no clear history and much in consonance with the Trevor-Roper theory of Africa lacking in history.


Ikime, Obaro and Segun Osoba, eds. Fetishisization of the subaltern Hill argues that fetishism involves displacement. The debate on Afro- American character and destiny, 4th ed. The attempts of rulers to forcibly collect imposed colonial taxes bred discontentment in some parts of Yorubaland.

Dua, of Minnesota Press. Similarly, Lugard’s gaze socially pathologizes certain races in Africa with some authority. Lugard constructs his medium and perception of the other to a state of apparent objectivity using assumptions of the suzerainty of his gaze, the use of the ethnographic present tense and categorical modality.

Similarly, there are other terminologies of control that tend to prove the issues of subordination and control. The White Tribe of Kenya.

In AugustLugard departed on foot from Mombasa for Uganda to secured British predominance over German influence in the area and put an end to the civil disturbances between factions in the kingdom of Buganda. All these issues do not happen by chance. Time is here shown to be frozen and congealed with the black race. The colonial army had a clash with the locals in Satiru a village who were resisting colonial occupation. Colonial policies thus reached the people through their own chiefs firsthand, giving the impression of a native rule.

Lugard pushed for native rule in African colonies. Is dehumanization in this context an end in itself or a means to mandaye end? December Learn how and when to remove this template tne. A relational process is handier mabdate showing state of affairs which acquit one of the need for verifiability.

Dual Mandate, Africa |

In Northern Nigeria, the revenue that allowed state development projects was less because the taxes was absent and thus funding of dyal was covered from revenue generated in the south. Can the subaltern speak? Discourse, grammar and ideology: Functional and cognitive perspectives. It would be worthwhile to study clinically, in detail, the steps taken by Hitler and Hitlerism and to reveal to the very distinguished, very humanistic, very Christian bourgeois of the twentieth century that without his being aware of it, he has a Hitler inside him, that Hitler inhabits him, that Hitler is his demon, that if he rails against him, he is being inconsistent and that, at bottom, what he mabdate forgive Hitler for is not crime in itself, the crime against man, it is not the humiliation of man as such, it is the crime against the white man, the humiliation of the white man, and the fact that he tje to Europe colonialist procedures which until then lod been reserved exclusively for the Arabs of Algeria, the coolies of India, and the blacks lugagd Africa.


The same gaze and surveillance is used by the colonialists in reporting and describing the colonized. First, there is a clear attribution of character shown with timelessness. Its truth as such has resonance only within its formulation at a higher level of discursive construction. As governor-general of a unified Nigeria, Lugard hoped that the system would work in the southern provinces.

Lugard’s first mission lors to determine the feasibility of a route from Mombasa to Machakos that would bypass the Taru Desert. And how do all these relate to an over-arching ideology of colonial conquest?

It is regarded as “the most influential book on colonial affairs in the whole inter-war period” Hetherington4 and the “staple diet of reading in colonial administration for young cadet officers” Lee43 both quoted in Doty He had submitted a proposal for the Convention to the British government. Following the subjugation of the Hausa-Fulani inLugard introduced the system among the people.