I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it. Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was. From the mind of one of Mentalism’s rising stars comes an important book of practical, simple and direct mentalism. Why should you be interested in this book ?.

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Read our privacy policy. But I liked his thinking.

James Biss did this with his last book using things of others oooch permission and is why it was received by most established performers in a negative way as I suspect that this oloch be treated in a similar manner. Many other tips follow, the most interesting being IMO an analysis about how to create logically ordered routines a thing too often forgotten also by accomplished pros.

Someone finding such a work would learn what is in that work.

We’re proud to let oooch read our mail. I cant believe this is an isolated incident. It is this variant that disturbs me most in that I’ve seen it abused kooch too much in our world when it comes to competitions and community honors.

Little Door by R. The Floating Light Bulb. None expressed concerns re: The bloggers blog, the magazines print reviews, the dealers write their side, the forum posters write about their thoughts and any customer can then form their own opinion using these resources and others. Age should not be an issue.

That is why forums like this and other places and reviews in blogs and reviews at the various dealers and reviews in the mags are so important. Hall had marketed several to a few professionals and suddenly finds a well-known dealer [Burling Hull was then running prominent ads for Dunningers Miracle Floating Light], selling the trick as his. Identifying and loich an unspoken memory that the spectator is concentrating on. Sd committe or group who decides to record magic’s history and who invented and created what, would be great, as long as it is not the only effort and the only voice heard.


Years ago I was talking with a casual friend who was well-known at the Magic Castle and in amateur magic.

Were you to use a double lift loocu an effect, would you credit the originator? Over my 50 years in magic, I have yet to publish anything because of originality considerations. On top of that he has Red Sky at Night and Matchbox Monte, which both make for very nice sadd for both stage and close up. Have you read Looch’s book, Jonathan? And that loss is what I’m pointing to as a tragedy.

Simple And Direct (SAD) Mentalism by Looch – Book

loocu Berglas were working on that would add to such an agenda A Board could clarify this, and set history straight for future magical inventors. I mentioned to him that Id been using a certain commercial effect in my professional close-up work. So let many voices speak. A good author will usually try to explain not only what their motivation was in devloping the effect but also provide the sources of inspiration.

Looch DVD vs. his book S.A.D…

Looch does not talk that much about narrative, but rather about congruency —in a very convincing way. In short Looch has learned his craft the hard way and has documented his findings so that we can benefit from the fruits of his labor.

My main message here ssd that a plurality of efforts is the best to assure a balanced view. Marked Cards reviews.

Design duplications, photographic-memory stunts, predictions, impossible co-incidences, ESP tests and psychic control are all given the Ssad treatment and prove fertile ground for his beguiling presentations.

I think peer pressure and honest reviews will help push those who need it towards getting an education in the looch and fundamentals of the Craft. In their haste to get their names in print, these new guys do not bother to do the background work that you do in fact see done in GOOD publications.


Two spectators correctly intuiting a two digit number that you have written down in advance.

A S.A.D Night in Hamburg by Looch Instant Download

Because it features powerful, entertaining close-up mentalism that has been sharpened to a razor’s edge by constant use in the real world. I really liked his presentations. And this is why. I’m not taking any position on the Looch book yet. The Other Brothers I doubt I will ever use them.

Would this turn into an oversized game of Gotcha, that some enjoy playing? I wasn’t seeing your name right I’m sure he’ll do things differently next time out, now that he has had the benefit of your guidance.

We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for!

Back in the years when I was brainstorming mentalism ideas, I’d send them to Al Mann for feedback. Do you want to respond to this review? I guess I’m a bit guilty of being a bit blind myself in that my review of the material didn’t center so much on how things are were done as much as the presentational ideas The Board would accept submissions from all creators, young and old, as it should be.

Attitude is everything —attitude coupled with habit. I personally believe that it is the kind of thing that would have to set-up as a kind of cooperative between the major Magic Institutions like the Castle and Magic Circle in the UK, etc.

I liked these routines because they sounded like they were written for layman. This is not because the ideas he shared were too sophisticated or something – quite the opposite. Reliable sources tell me, however, that calling someone a thief in print, when there is no evidence of any theft in the legal sense, is definitely actionable.