EXPERIMENTACIÓN CON LA LOMBRIZ ROJA CALIFORNIANA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN LOS CULTIVOS DE HOLLEJOS DE PAPA, CASCARA. La Lombricultura consiste en el cultivo intensivo de la lombriz roja Además la Lombriz roja californiana tiene un 70% en Proteína lo que. REPRODUCCN DE LA LOMBRIZ ROJA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN SUSTRATO DE RESTOS DE CAFÉ. López César Noé (@), Rieke.

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This variation was reduced in the following sampling 4 wk after, when the concentrations of organic C tended to equalize Skip to main content.

Ciencia Ergo Sum 8: In the case of vermicomposting, once the mixtures were made, they were submitted to a process of pre-composting for 15 d. Mexico lacks legislation on managing the use of manure that recognize it as a valuable sub-product, considering that it contains a large proportion of the nutrients ingested by animals and constitutes a source of organic matter and potential nutrients required by crops. Only Fe concentration decreased sharply during storage, probably owing to the precipitation of this element, which is highly soluble in water.

Create and organize Collections on the go with your Apple or Android device. For upcoming research is recommended register and relate the weight of them worms as well as record and relate the number of cocones at the end of the test. There were a total of four experimental units for each of the four replicate of each treatment.

Lettuce seeds Lactuca sativa L. The germination index, using lettuce seeds Lactuca sativa L. Effect of sewage sludge and salmon wastes applied to a Patagonian soil on lettuce Lactuca sativa L.


Add two systems remains of organic coffee 2. This effect can be directly related to the decrease in the concentration of organic acids in the material.

9 best Lombriz Roja Californiana images on Pinterest | Activities, Baby dolls and Bricolage

To callforniana her outside decaying, certain microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria help break down and give nutrients available to acliforniana worm to be converted into “humus” as a metabolic process. The results obtained in this research, in which organic C content behaved cyclically, have been reported before and in different systems Madrid and Castellans, Physiochemical analysis The temperature of the mixture was monitored for the 25 wk of maturation by inserting a thermometer to a depth of 20 cm at the center of each container every 48 h at The process of vermicomposting lasted 45 days, until the end of the count.

This unfavorable effect indicates that these materials can contain a diversity of organic compounds that could be toxic to the plants. Log In Sign Up. This variation decreased four weeks after, when the ratio tended to equalize and decrease to Editorial content, such as news and celebrity images, are not cleared for commercial use.

These in order to caluforniana fluids.


Because there is no information about the nutritional requirements of the worm, it is difficult to assume that this decrease is due to feeding by the worms.

Quality of source separated compost.

Nevertheless, N-NO 3 can represent contamination of water and soils given that it can be lost by lixiviation. This could be because of the difficulty in homogenizing the initial mixture. Click here to sign up.


Lombriz roja californiana compostando (Eisenia fetida) – Image

Because it was observed during the experiment increased the rjoa of the worms that were control in the Group and less cocones compared with the experimental proof. The latter system has had an important increase in agricultural zones in central and southern Mexico, where vermicompost is also considered a natural pesticide and is used with diverse agricultural crops.

Create a Free Account. Where were the caligorniana at the beginning and at the end of the experiment, which was the percentage of increase, since reproduction is evaluated. K and Na concentrations were higher in the compost than in the vermicompost. Given this, some characteristics of the soil should be taken into consideration, such as californianq, organic matter content and the infiltration velocity, when determining the length of the storage period.

Search by image Oops! These results should be taken into account by agricultural producers who incorporate these or other fresh livestock residues as soil improvers without prior treatment. The mean of pH presented differences in the two systems of decomposition. However, the results of this doja do not demonstrate that vermicomposting promotes an increase in P concentration Table 1.

A linear model was used in the statistical analysis, with four replicates that included as fixed effects, the composting systems and time.