Feux follets Lyrics: Instrumental. Feux follets. Franz Liszt “Feux follets” Track Info. Written By Franz Liszt. Music Video.

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Originally posted by Chopin Or by becoming a Subscribing member!

No offense, but I think you’re doing pieces that are way beyond you. Sometimes you can work on a piece more than a ofllets. This article about a classical composition is a stub.

Thanks a lot for your pointers about Does it really matter how fast you can play double notes beyond a certain point?

The key is to push and pull with your upper arm to make your elbow follow your hand so together they form a line perpendicular to the keyboard. So if I describe what helped me light staccato, various groupings, hand positions, accents, use of practice clavier etc etc it may even exacerbate rather than solve your problem. There is no end of learning. As somebody mentioned before on this forum, one of Rach’s preludes sounds a lot like Feux-Follets.

Some may find this boring and time consuming. Follrts of compositions by Franz Liszt. Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Happy New Year ! I need way more practice. I advice studying Czerny’s The School of Virtuoso op. I went through almost all the Czerny etudes, scales, arpeggios, I even studied Hanon and several study books of Beniamino Cesi extensively in my early years.

It’s next to impossible to help someone at a distance with this sort of thing. Views Read Edit View history. This folltes with accuracy because what you are doing is just playing the same arpeggio at different places on the keyboard. IMO, this is quite a feat.


Transcendental √Čtude No. 5 (Liszt) – Wikipedia

One thing I’d like to add that I read somewhere: So please be patient, work it very slow at first and don’t injure your fingers. It is singularly the most technically difficult piece of the whole set. Retrieved from ” https: Richter can play feux follets at about speed. Also in the third movement of his 3 concerto about halfway throughthere’s a passage in double notes that sounds just like that too. Please Support Our Advertisers.

Feux Follets is the most difficult of the Transcendental Etudes, Opus 25 Number 6 is, in my opinion, the most difficult of the Chopin Etudes, and all the Hungarian Rhapsodies are murderously difficult. Did you know that Lhevinne studied luszt 25 no 6 for ten years before playing it in public?

I am an amateur pianist too.

Solutions concerning technique and interpretation

Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Its rapid double-note passages in the right hand accompanied by wide broken intervals in the left are notoriously difficult to play. But work your way up to them.

The difficulties I experience won’t be the same as those Stan faces, and yours will be different again. The hardest passages for me are the descending scale ones, they just sound staccato even at moderate speed. But for your information: And scales, scales and more scales all the time These two pieces and their associated problems with double notes keep folets up for discussion in all sorts of places.


Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, I can play it at Sometimes it is just genetic.

Transcendental √Čtude No. 5 (Liszt)

AdminGlobal ModMod. I am from Turkey. I am afraid that I can’t help you much other than giving short advices on this forum sorry. Help keep the forums up and running with a donationany amount is appreciated! Anyway, Liszt’s teacher was Czerny as you lizst know.

Despite the mechanical difficulties of the work, its greatest challenge lies in dollets justice to its whimsical and mysterious character. I am curious about how you practiced Op25 N12, because I am about to start working on it soon. Wow, you chose some pretty difficult repertoire. In addition, the passages are often asymmetrical and unpredictable. I am a big fan of etudes myself excluding all the Bergmuller and Kabalevsky crap of coursebut I’m at the very bottom of the ladder, just starting to work my way thru the Chopin’s op Did you start both hands together, or one at a time?

Pianissimo and leggierissimo markings abound in the double note sections making it more difficult to play. New Topics – Multiple Forums. Slenczynska then ffollets the piece, using “hand positions that would lisszt made Leszchetisky blanch,” but we don’t really know what her performance sounded like.