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Now, probably doesn’t seem that long ago, but you would be surprised how quickly a book can seem out of date. I’m looking forward to the next in the series. Now, the narrator, she does a very I’m beginning to think I may grow somewhat fatigued near the end of the best Kleypas novels diabo she makes you want so much.

Como no amar a Hardy Cates!!! A note about Steamy: You definitely sense their attraction to each other but they don’t spend a lot of time getting to know each other. Okay, so many good reviews about how spunky Kleypass is and how hunky Hardy is. View all 4 comments. I thought the relationship between Hardy and Haven moved a bit too fast and did I wrote this long detailed review for this book and then accidentally deleted it.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. He left it hanging loose on either side of his neck, and relaxed on the sofa beside me, as graceful as a cat. See all 3 questions about El diablo tiene ojos azules….

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas

Of course, they were men and she was the baby of the family. I’ve been busy enough lately that my time here on GoodReads has dwindled. But, obviously, that’s a wee bit too long.


A shaky laugh escaped me. Damnation all to hell and hush mah mouth, why in the bloody blazes did they get a female with a Southern Georgia accent to narrate viablo book set in Houston, Texas especially when one of the major characters is a hunky, gruff 6 foot something piece of oilfield trash made good? It isn’t that her historical novels tiiene fluff, but she really brings all the conflicts and complications of modern life into her contemporary stories.

This book is about Haven Travis, the only female Travis sibling. It was a treat to see her grow strong. Terminology, slang and modern technology changes quickly, daily even.

Want to Read saving…. El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules. Maybe Liberty wasn’t his destiny but Haven surely is. Coming out of a bad marriage Haven has attracted the attention of Hardy, a rival of the family.

But there may be more to Hardy than meets the eye, but Haven isn’t sure if she’s ready to handle a man like him. I mean don’t get me wrong, It was a great book. And yes, it was awesome to see Gage again and the kind of man we knew he was.

Second is the portrayal of the abuse Haven suffers at the hands of her sociopathic narcissist of a husband. It is not the South. The writing was superb and the story was well written. It was just a wee bit confronting. Yes, the descriptions play an important role in understanding Haven’s character, but ultimately, she fails to internalize the lessons learned from the experiences, and as such, their harshness is not warranted, especially in a romance novel.

El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules

I snuggled in the corner of the sofa, drawing my feet back to make room for him. It’s leaking out of his pores.

View all 11 comments. Hardy CatesHaven Travis. Haven is ter Addendum In all fairness to my snark about the narrator being too Southern and not enough Texan, she did a great job with the emotional aspects of Haven. Kleypas takes a risk, here, as Hardy is all-alpha and sex play often includes elements of pursuit, capture, and dominance. Sure, some of the things we witness in Blue-Eyed Devil seem a little behind the times, but I think it had more to do with the characters than the times.


Melanie aka the narrator.

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas – Literatura Romántica Juvenil

So it was very rewarding in the end. He may acted like an asshole in the end of that b The second time reading this story I enjoyed it even more. Looking for beautiful books?

I have to say so far her contemporary romances have been some of the best of the genre I’ve read. I’m going to give it a bit and then re-read the last half. Now for the bad: Overall, Blue-Eyed Devil is tuene heartbreaking story and well worth the effort. The second time reading this story I enjoyed it even more.

Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. And kleypaw differences in how parents relate to their sons and daughters rang true with me as well. His reaction is priceless.

In one book, the sister marries a man, who her father says is not right for her, and later on he ends up being abusive. She writes good alpha-Texans but I miss her regency men. It details her abusive relationship with her first husband, her rebuilding of her life, and relationship with Hardy Cates.