Read a free sample or buy Digital Lighting and Rendering, 3/e by Jeremy Birn. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad. Digital Lighting & Rendering, the new 3D lighting techniques book by Jeremy Birn, with digital cinematography and 3D lighting tutorials on Digital Lighting and Rendering, Third Edition. Jeremy Birn. New Riders www. To report errors, please send a note to [email protected]

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This book does not contain any “tutorials” but each chapter provides a few exercises to inspire further thought.

The new book provides plain-English explanations of the latest lighting, rendering, and 3D compositing techniques, and gives professional advice to reendering you in a career in 3D lighting and rendering.

Master Hollywood lighting techniques to produce professional results in any 3D application Convincingly composite 3D models into real-world environments Apply advanced rendering techniques using subsurface scattering, global illumination, caustics, occlusion, and high dynamic range images Design realistic materials and paint detailed texture maps Mimic real-life camera properties such as f-stops, exposure times, depth-of-field, and natural color temperatures for photorealistic renderings Render in multiple passes for greater efficiency and creative control Understand production pipelines at visual effects and animation studios Develop your lighting reel to get a job in the industry.

Jeremy Birn

Updated with new examples: If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. New coverage of occlusion sandwich technique and occlusion passes with displacement and reflections.


I bought it used, and it has great general ideas for setting scenes up in 3d software packages, it’s platform neutral and more high level. Digital Lighting and Jeremyy. Andriy rated it it was amazing Feb 29, The book is written from the point of view of a very experienced professional, and shares production-proven techniques that are useful in almost any 3D rendering package.

Digital Lighting & Rendering 3nd Edition

Creating a compelling scene through developing a fendering color scheme. Mike rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Crafting a perfect rendering in 3D software means nailing all the details.

Agneta rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Strategies for developing character lighting rigs and lighting multiple characters.

Jason rated it really liked it Apr 17, From inside the book. What do you look for? Zlatan rated it really liked it Jul 12, Crafting a perfect rendering in 3D software means nailing all the details. Every page is wonderfully informative, and sports spectacularly full-color image examples to accomany the concepts a big help when discussing color!!

Roger rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Books on specific software are neremy, but I wish there were more books like this one that covered the concepts of 3D rendering without focusing on the neremy of a specific software package.

How do you tell good lighting from bad? Or better yet, buy the second edition!

Digital Lighting and Rendering, 3/e

Lee Gabel rated it it was amazing Sep 20, liyhting Open Preview See a Problem? Juan Castillo rated it it was amazing Mar 04, I wish some more space would have been devoted to certain aspects like developments in rendering beyond Reyes and brute force raytracing. Composition and Staging Planning cinematic productions using different types of shots, using realistic camera rigs to simulate convincing camera moves, planning shots that will cut together well when edited, working in different digital and film formats and aspect ratios, using lighting to help improve your composition and enhance visual storytelling.


Compositing examples updated to use Nuke Shake examples replaced as well as work-arounds in Photoshop that anyone can follow.

If you’re thinkin If you know this title, you already know it’s the Digital Lighter’s Bible. I usually find books that are too technical impossible to read. If you know this title, you already know it’s the Digital Lighter’s Bible. I imagine future editions will expand on the lighting of grooms, more on subsurface scattering and the many troubles with color- the chapter on linear vs gamma corrected displays will be an eye-opener to many – Overall, a must for those starting on the path of computer lighting and its many challenges.