Get product support for the lg vx download vx manuals, documents, and software. view vx warranty information and schedule vx download lg chocolate vx cell phone user manual pdf mobi file of lg chocolate manual in pdfmanual for lg chocolate vx find out how to use and. Get Product Support For The Lg Vx Download Vx Manuals Documents And Software View Vx Warranty Information And Schedule Services.

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Each option has its detailed information on the phone and lb can check it out by touching Left Soft Key Access and Options manuxl. Inbox Editing Subject 2. Use to select Update Existing, then touch 3. Do not immerse your phone in water.

Lights the main LCD. Don’t use the touch keys in a humid environment. Complete and then send or save the message. But if you are concerned about the RF exposure from these products, you can use measures like those described above to reduce your RF exposure from wireless phone use. Touch Right Soft Key [Options] to select one of the following options: Use only LG-approved chargers specific to your phone model since they are designed to maximize battery life.

To set Vibrate Mode press and hold. Safety by the FCC is 1. The scientific evidence does not show a danger to users of wireless phones, including children and teenagers. If this nanual, turn it off immediately and remove the battery. Sent List of sent messages up to Press to change case initial cap, caps lock, lowercase. Charge Alerts you vx800 the battery is fully Complete charged. Touch to change text input mode.



Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery. Scrolling through Your Contacts 1. When using applications, an incoming call will automatically pause the application and allow you to answer the majual.

Video Clips service is not available in all areas. Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Explosion, Shock, And Fire Hazards The self-protection function of the battery cuts the power of the phone when its operation is in an abnormal state.

Lg Chocolate Phone Manual

Press Left Soft Key [Message], 2. Memory In case your search fails to find for any pairing device, select found device mamual. Connect to V CAST to download a variety of music, transfer music between your phone and your PC, manage and organize your music files, and more. New Message Alert There are two ways your phone alerts you to new messages. Contact List Allows you to view your Contacts List.

lg chocolate vx cell phone user manual

Page Safety by the FCC is 1. Redialing Calls Redialing Calls 1.

Phone Charging the Battery Warning! Pix Msg Using Contacts to Send a Message You can designate an entry saved in your Contacts as the address instead of manually entering the destination.

LG VX8500 Black Manuals

Name Card Allows you to insert a name card to automatically send with your messages. Touch Left Soft Key [Erase]. Using any other charger could damage your phone or battery.


Select the option s to customize. You need to set Speed Dials in your Contacts before using this feature. In case your search fails to find for any pairing device, select found device instead.

Safety Support needed research into possible biological effects of RF of the type emitted by wireless phones; Design wireless phones in a way that minimizes any RF exposure to the user that is not necessary for device function; and Cooperate in providing users of wireless phones with the best possible information on possible effects of wireless phone use on human health. Then press transfer sounds to your phone. Touch Protection is automatically enabled when the slide is closed and during calls touch keys will not work even if they are pressed.

Press to display other matching words in the database. Safety Hearing Aids Some digital wireless phones may interfere with some hearing aids. The warranty will not be applied msnual products provided by other suppliers. Explosion, Shock, and Fire Hazards Do not put your phone in a place subject to excessive dust and keep the minimum required distance between the power cord and heat Auto View Allows you to directly display the content when receiving a message. Touch Right Soft Key [Options] to select one of the following: Consult your local dealer for availability.

What about children using wireless phones?