When the damage only involves the labrum it is called a Bankart lesion. A Hill- Sachs lesion occurs when the lesion to the labrum presents simultaneously with a. There are two types of labral tears: SLAP tears and Bankart lesions. On MR a Hill-Sachs defect is seen at or above the level of the coracoid. Horst and his colleagues also found that a larger Hill-Sachs lesion leads to greater . Burkhart and de Beer first described the concept of engaging vs. . Bankart repair and remplissage for a large engaging Hill-Sachs lesion.

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Clin Orthop Relat Res. Defining a Hill-Sachs lesion is a multi-dimensional process because of the requirement for the examination of multiple different factors, such as size and orientation. Head and neck Dislocation of jaw Whiplash.

Hill–Sachs lesion

A HSL which is small and narrow but is located medially needs special attention in selecting an optimum treatment option Fig. Hill-Sachs lesion HSL and the glenoid: Non-displaced when the anatomical alignment of the bone is maintained or displaced when the bone fragments move apart. The glenoid socket is twice as deep in the superior-inferior direction as in the anteroposterior AP direction.

Assessment of coincidence and defect sizes llesion Bankart and Hill-Sachs lesions after anterior shoulder dislocation: The posterolateral aspect of the humeral head impacts on the anterior glenoid in the dislocated position, causing instability at the glenohumeral joint.

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The operation is performed using an open deltopectoral approach to ensure adequate visualization of the humeral head defect. Evolving concept of bipolar bone loss and the Hill-Sachs lesion: Sacral fractures may result in sacral instability and require treatment via sacroplasty injection of bone glue into the fracture.

Bankart lesion – Wikipedia

The subacromial bursa is the biggest in the body. There is a detachment of the anteroinferior labrum o’clock with complete tearing of the anterior scapular periosteum.

The glenoid of the scapula articulates with the humeral head to form a ball-and-socket joint. Due to the findings from Cowling and his colleagues [ 74 ] being very recent, the standard method of conducting a hemiarthroplasty procedure is a deltopectoral approach that exposes the proximal humerus. Hill-Sachs lesions are a posterolateral humeral head compression fracture, typically secondary to recurrent anterior lesioj dislocationsas the humeral head comes to rest against the anteroinferior part of the glenoid.

Bankart lesion

It appears as a sclerotic vertical line running from the top of the humeral head towards the shaft. On CT it is easy to appreciate the osseus fragment of the anterior glenoid arrow. A grading system is used based on the amount of bone loss or severity of the humeral head deformity.

In French [ PubMed sadhs.

Support Center Support Center. Now, bankarg are valid clinical findings showing the glenoid track can help accurately predict preoperative decisions in regards to preventing recurrent shoulder instability after arthroscopic repair in patients with Hill-Sachs defects. The labrum of the shoulder joint can be torn as a consequence of a forceful shoulder dislocation.


Apparent causes of failure and treatment.

It is a very fundamental question. Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med. Summary Anterior shoulder instability, specifically the Hill-Sachs lesion, is an area of orthopedic study that is highly active and constantly producing new studies leaion an attempt of gaining the best outcomes for patients.

MRI evaluation of bipolar bone loss using the on-track off-track method: If the HSL extends more medially over the medial margin of the glenoid track, there is a risk of engagement. A disadvantage associated with remplissage is that it usually alters the rotator cuff muscles, thus altering the shoulder anatomy [ 58 ].

A HSL is not related to the mid-range stability because it is located away from the glenoid in the mid-range of movement Fig. Hill-Sachs lesion HSL located medially: Barton fracture is an intra-articular fracture of the distal radius with dislocation of the radiocarpal joint. Dislocation of jaw Whiplash.