PRECISION COMPASS. * LENSATIC *. PROVEN • RUGGED ACCURATE. CAMMENGA. FAX ( ANILINE AVE. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. I get lots of questions via email from people wanting to know how to use a lensatic compass, and I think I’ve covered that pretty well in a series of two posts.

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How to Hold a Lensatic Compass. The lensatic compass is used by the U. So the tritium will continue emitting “light” for quite a long time before it goes completely dark. One advantage is it’s probably more accurate when it comes to “shooting azimuths,” meaning the act of determining the specific compass direction to a spot on the earth. Raise the compass up to your eye. If the tritium in your compass has become dim such that you can’t read the compass at night, you can “charge” it up with any flashlight.

This is a low level radioactive isotope that is used in a multitude of applications where self-powered illumination is necessary. Do not move your head, but raise and lower your eyes when taking the azimuth using an engineer compass.

Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. Check that the dial is floating freely. Hold it square and straight in front of you like you mean business. You now have your target’s bearing. So, take your map and lay it down on a flat surface i.


How to Read an Engineer Compass | Sciencing

In the last article we talked about declination, and how magnetic north and true north will vary depending on location and surrounding features. The only problem is that this process takes time and tools.

Looking at the photo below, let’s say you’re at the north end of Sheeler Lake, where the penciled X is. At night, however, or in other periods of limited visibility fog, blizzard, etc keeping these two luminous bits lined up will be your only remedy. Next, do the clmpass for the second point. Make an “L” shape with the index finger and thumb of your other hand. Rotate the bezel on the face of the compass until the indicator is directly over the “north” position indicated by an upper case “N”.

Be sure you understand magnetic declination.

Putting the two in a opaque bag or enclosure is effective as well. There’s a better way, I believe, from both a time and an accuracy standpoint. My page, fully illustrated book is yours for the asking. After reading those two articles anyone should be able to go out and perform basic land navigation with a map and lensatic compass. It’s important to hold your compass stable, squarely in front of you, and level. Turn your entire body as a unit until your predetermined azimuth falls under the fixed black index line.

You then see where the line you drew intersects with the protractor’s numbers, in this case degrees. Hold a compass level and steady to prevent the needle from touching the sides of the globe or the dial face. With solid land-navigation skills, you’ll be more confident and “at home” in the wilderness.

  AMCA 99-0401 PDF

You want to find your position using the technique of partial resection, so you need to know that tower’s bearing with a high degree of accuracy. That’s the heading that you need to move along to reach your desired end or way point.

How to Find a Map Direction. It has replaced radium in recent decades after it was discovered that radium exposure is manua, to an increased occurrence of bone cancer. In your case, however, lensati declination is degrees West, meaning you’ll have to add degrees before you set your compass.

At the 24 year mark it will be another half of that, and so on. Warning Always double check your compass readings. You need to write things down, draw lines, perform math, and make sure you do so with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Lensatic Compass Guide

Next we’re going to talk about some of the uses of a lensatic compass, starting with the resection. Open the engineer compass until the cover is 90 degrees to the compass case.

An “azimuth” is pretty much the same as a “bearing. Use a compass to explore, navigate, map terrain and travel around the world. What Are the Parts of a Sextant?