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Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa. Continuum cavity expansion and discrete micromechanical models for inferring macroscopic snow mechanical properties from cone penetration data.

The role of soil chemical properties, land amxzonas and plant diversity for microbial phosphorus in forest and grassland soils.

A participatory integrated assessment of the social acceptance of wind energy. In addition, amazoonas use change effects on the localwater cycle have been described in relation to impacts to water quantity63 and quality, stream tem-peratures, regional scale effects on water yields38, and water vapour flows to the atmosphere The concentration of non-structural carbohydrates, N, and P in Quercus variabilis does not decline amasonas its northernmost distribution range along a km transect in China.

Ficha Limpa barra 25% dos candidatos indeferidos | Congresso em Foco

The climatic drivers of normalized difference vegetation index and tree-ring-based estimates of forest productivity are spatially coherent but temporally decoupled in Northern Hemispheric forests. This period corresponded to the dry season whenET0 almost doubled to 8 mm d-1 when compared to the wet season November-May Figure 3.

Expedicao capta as “Amazonias” da Resex Cazumba. The effect of environmental gradients on the bed site selection of 33226 deer Capreolus capreolus.

Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters. Local trampling disturbance effects on alpine plant populations and communities: In Switzerland, a strong increase in the demand for energy wood is expected for the next decades. Impact of surface roughness, vegetation opacity and soil permittivity on L-band microwave emission and soil moisture retrieval in the third pole environment. Water consumption is differentiated from water withdrawals which in-clude return flows.


Quantification of uncertainties in conifer sap flow measured with the thermal dissipation method.

RESEX do Cazumbá-Iracema | Unidades de Conservação

Low-intensity management promotes bryophyte diversity in grasslands. Paises se unem para proteger parques. The ADS80 images routinely captured by swisstopo form the basis for the image matching workflow for deriving a 3D model of akazonas landscape.

This reduction can then affect precip-itation in the Amazon Basin and the greater South American continent Annals of Forest Science, 75, 3: Regional effects of these reservoirs on hydrology remain relatively unexplored in89Figure 5.

In order to foster near-natural forests and the species dependent on them, natural forest reserves have been established since the s. As described in Section 4. PLoS One, 13, 1: TI e Comunicacao na conservacao da biodiversidade. International Journal of Pest Management, 64, 3: We performed an initial image classification to separate water fromnon-water features, using a random forest classifier implemented in Google Earth Engine https: Typical research questions are related to the improvement of the efficiency ofwater use in the production system e.

The largest direct waterconsumption activity for cattle was from small farm reservoirs, whose evaporative losses should beconsidered in on-farm water management. The functional decoupling of processes in alpine ecosystems under climate change. Journal of Applied Ecology, 55, 1: Fromthis irrigation schedule we estimate a total application of irrigation water of mm between June andAugust, representing a volume of about 326 of irrigation over the course of the bean developmentcycle the Irrigated field 2326 ha.

As a result, deforestation between and led to an average basin temperature increase a,azonas 0. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9: We then combined the total pasture lfi with the live animalpopulation in each MU to derive the pasture cattle density PCD, cattle per ha of pasture assuming thatthe pasture area was exclusively used by cattle rather than other animals e.


Deadwood is an essential habitat for many organisms. Typical research questions are often bound to the quantification of waterquantity and quality through in-situ data monitoring or field sampling to gather information for hydro-logic models, or to test for effects of human activities such as agriculture, forestry and mining on thelandscape.

Focus on cross-scale feedbacks in global sustainable land management. Conservation Genetics, 19, 3: We do not include water consumed fortransport between stages of development as the production system is generally confined to one singleproperty, nor do we include water consumed for the production of minerals, vitamins, and veterinarianservices administered to the herd. High diversity mixed plantations of Eucalyptus and native trees: Journal of Archaeological Science, This focus thereforerequires detailed knowledge about production systems in their entirety, which often means involvingseveral sub-processes e.

Even in 326 case where cattle were confined their entire life cycle, the LF would reach m2 leii LW Comparisonswere made for all municipal units. IBISrepresents the soil-plant-atmosphere amazonaz to simulate soil moisture and evapotranspiration ET through six soil layers to 8 m depth and soil temperaturesvegetation structure, stomatal conductanceand photosynthetic pathways, all forced with atmospheric conditions80, Size-dependent loss of aboveground animals differentially affects grassland ecosystem coupling and functions.

Appendices A, B and C provide supplemental information respectively for Chapters 3, 4 and5. Associacao da Resex do Cazumba-Iracema celebra 20 anos.