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One hundred and twenty days Leave in case of illness or complications Maternity leave may be extended on medical grounds arising out of pregnancy and confinement by a maximum of 4 weeks two weeks before and 2 weeks after the birth.

There are two cash benefits: Circolare numero 69 del Same duration as the adoption leave. If there is no day-nursery inside the enterprise, the employer shall reimburse to the nursing employees the expenditure due to day-nursery outside the workplace in accordance with a collective agreement. Decreto Legislativo 26 MarzoNo. The father is entitled to the same daily reduction of hours of work in case the child is raised by the father only, if the working mother does not benefit of the daily breaks, if the mother is not employed, or in case of death or grave disease of the mother.

The employer is responsible to evaluate the li to health and safety of working women, particularly exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents listed in Annex C of the Law and on ldi base of the requirements spelled out in Law No.


The father can ask for paternity leave for a maximum period of the duration of the maternity leave in case of death or grave sickness, or abandonment by the mother. The leave may be received, and also partially fractionated prior to entry into Italy of the child.

Ministero della Salute Servizio Sanitario Nazionale. In the case of self-employed: From the moment working women certify the pregnancy until the child is seven months old, they are not allowed to carry or lift weights, not to perform dangerous, tiring or unhealthy works which are listed in Annex A of the Law.


Legge 53 Marzo 8 For farmers, colon, sharecroppers, agricultural entrepreneurs the daily cash eli for births that occurred in when the indemnification period has started inamounted to Euro Codification of Labour Legislation 2: Please note that due to the INPS Circular No 35th of March 9,even those that are pending release of a residence permit or EC long resident of the residence permit for family members of EU citizens or Italian, may submit an application for approval of the maternity allowance.

Entitled on the basis of voluntary coverage are: Dismissal is prohibited during 1770, where this has been medically certified, during maternity leave and until the child is one year old.

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All female workers are entitled to maternity benefits who are employed in the private sector including domestic servants, some categories of casual workers, elected civil servants and the self-employed.

These rests may be taken cumulatively with regular parental leave or leave for sickness of a child. At the end of the period of protection from dismissal, workers are entitled with the right to return to the same work they were performing before the starting date of their maternity and paternity leave.

Circolare numero 35 del We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version. Please visit the web-site of the INPS in our sources in order to have access to further details.

Maternity leave may start within eli 28 days before the expected date of birth according to medical certification. Work involving a train standing for more than half the time or that result in a particularly tiring work with pedal car move, when the pace of the movement is frequent, or requires considerable effort.


Craft workers daily paid benefit, with reference to events for which the indemnification period begins in amounted to Euro MEDICAL BENEFITS Pre-natal, childbirth and post-natal care Without prejudice to the ordinary health care and hospital borne by the National Health Service INPSworking women during pregnancy, may benefit from the medical services provided 1770 public or accredited private institutions, excluding the cost of performance, as well as periodic visits of obstetrics and gynecology, specialized services for the protection of motherhood, according to pre-conception and prevention of fetal risk, according to the Legislative Decree of the Ministry of Health Lsi.


These breaks are of one hour each and the woman can go out of the company.

The same discipline applies in case of lej children. Self-employed In the case of adoption or custody 3 months after the date of entry of the child in the family provided that the adopted or foster child has not exceeded: Daily Lej Benefits are calculated with the same rules of the maternity cash benefits and are subject to the same terms and conditions.

All insured employed women including domestic workers are entitled to adoption benefit regardless of their Social insurance contribution period. Maternity leave may be extended on medical grounds arising out of pregnancy, in this case the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour will have to issue the extension upon submission of a medical certificate.

Domestic workers have the right eli maternity and paternity leave. Nursing mothers are entitled to breastfeeding breaks, divided into two minutes breaks until the child is 6 months of age or after this age limit if justified on medical grounds. The municipal offices will withhold up to the requests submitted previous presentation of a lej permit or EC long resident of the residence permit for family members of EU or Italian citizen or permanent residence card for family members of citizens of the Union or provided by the Italian Legislative Decree no.

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Lej security Paternity leave benefits Duration 5 days starting the first working day after childbirth. The child is under 8 years of age. Adjustment in maternity benefit for telecommunication enterprises.

One hundred percent Parents unemployed or suspended; Domestic workers; Homeworkers. The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. When confinement occurs before the expected date, the llei leave entitlement is retained for the full period.