Assessment System (SINAES), which established a global and BRASIL. Lei n . , de 14 de abril de Institui o Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da. SINAES is the ENC, about which is says that. “although . Law Nº (Brasil, a) instituting the .. da Educação Superior (SINAES), instituído na Lei n. 16 nov. Lei do SINAES / Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Superior – SINAES, com o objetivo de assegurar processo nacional.

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All this followed by the idea of quality management, in which students are considered customers and the development of skills valued by the labor market is more important than the development of a critical consciousness.

The idea of creating a regulatory agency, in education, was concretized in the attempt to create an evaluation agency and distribute the regulation processes between the SESu and the CNE. Qualidade quer dizer conformidade com os requisitos. The education opening to the market has made giant organizations start to manage the education, gradually increasing the privatization of education.

Policies for Evaluation and Regulation of Higher Education in Brazil Policies for Evaluation and Regulation of Higher Education in Brazil i, supporting the expansion of sinas higher education. Services on Demand Journal. In Figure 6 we present the class hierarchy of the initial prototype of the COrg ontology. Ontological Foundations for Structural Conceptual Models.


Usually, the laboratories of health programs are employed for simulating users, practices and procedures, for training skills, for learning how to use instruments and devices or for learning about the human body. This is a reflective paper addressing the principles and values that precede or succeed evaluative processes at health-related educational institutions.

However, its constitution implies that each of the ontologies that integrate the network share both its content and metadata, which must contain information about its relations with other ontologies in the network.


1086 to figures available inprivate enrolments as a percentage of total enrolments were: From the beginning, we had to take into account the foundations of Web Science. However, the presence of teachers who dedicate themselves to undergraduate teaching, opening scenarios and reinventing teaching on a daily basis are equally relevant.

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So this was done and it was its duty to deliberate upon the curricula guidelines, university statutes, and the accreditation and re- accreditation of institutions and approval of courses. In li to operationalize the evaluation, INEP elaborated manuals for the evaluation of graduation courses and institutions, defining quality indices.

How to cite this article. Education and the capitalist market have or should provide each other, since the capitalist market foresees the exploitation of the weakest for the benefit of the strongest; and education should promote equal opportunities.

According to Hall and Tiropanisin its still short life, the Web Science encouraged the creation of a very interesting community of researchers, possessing today a diverse set of theories and methods, beginning to gather scientific evidences and allowing idealists and policymakers to ensure that the effects of the Web on society are largely beneficial. The educational process is part of the labor process that occurs every day in the health services. The first issues is related to the explicit reuse of ontological and non-ontological knowledge resources that represent some conceptual consensus already established within the domain beyond to the consequent relationships with other resources, many of them already published on sinaee Web.

Quality of Diagnosis in a Higher Education Institution: the perception of the academic community

Programa De Governo, p. The privatization is accompanied by a cut in the budget for spending on education, which is a characteristic of neoliberalism. It is precisely in the resistance against given forms, in the discomfort concerning the imposition of borders and in the uneasiness with the limitations of what is possible that we find the combat apparatuses.

  BENQ W1400 PDF

Comparing alternative instruments to measure service quality in higher education.

For choosing a methodology we must take into account the scope and the basic requirements established for the ontology to be developed. Alvarez J, Passos E.

Basically, it represents a recent multidisciplinary area that is dedicated for advancing the knowledge about the Web, both from the point of view of the technologies involved and from the various aspects that involve its understanding as a phenomenon that affects different dimensions of the current society. The evaluation of courses would be executed considering three dimensions: The methodology has detailed guidelines about how the processes and activities it proposed can be carried out in accordance with the various principles of software engineering.

The Influence of Testing on the Curriculum. A Description Logic for the Semantic Web. In order to formalize and document all the relevant relationships of OntoSINAES network, we had to deal with some pertinent issues, such as:. Invention, transcreation, re-singularization, re-regulation — live processes that occur only in actu and correspond to what is effectively taught and learned in institutions, in each one of them; that is, distinctly, distinctively.

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100861 A formative evaluation with community participation through the institutional auto-evaluation executed by the CPAs was fomented. The establishment of links between relationships. For the work we are developing, the incremental iterative model is more attractive and convenient, since we are dealing with a project that involves multiple domains and besides this it is expected a collaborative and continuous development of ontologies for the domain of SINAES.

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