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Find great deals for LEGO Trains Hobby (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. LEGO set database: Hobby Trains. Set number: ; Name: Hobby Trains; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Miscellaneous; Theme: Factory. Hobby Trains Item №: Pieces: Price: $ Ages: 16+ Released: June Theme: Factory Hobby Trains is a set from Trains which includes pieces. Anyone else got a new LEGO Harry Potter minifigure?.

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The problem is that that together with “factory” also all instructions dissapeared. People who bought this also bought. When users are looking to complete a specific project, a building set ensures they’ll have all of the pieces required to make their vision come to life.

Posted October 19, If instead you would like. No option for a password.

Hobby Trains | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Lgo up for a new account in our community. The disadvantage to this route is the presence of advertisements on the site. No ratings or reviews yet. It may be easier for everyone. This is great, but the link doesn’t seem to work. It may depend of the program that is being used to extract the file?

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Posted March 7, Edited October 19, by Cwetqo. There is no doubt in my mind. For those who need them or missed out on purchasing the set, here are the original building instructions from the LEGO Factory website.


Lego Train Rail Crossing Once the file is downloaded, you must rename the file to a “. Share this post Link to post 1013 on other sites.

I accidentally changed my zip opener to another program and can’t find the right VISTA file to open it with. I hope to reciprocate in the future.

Posted March 8, 11083 Working on it now. Please see updated mirror site below. Great present for that special Lego fan or makes a great addition to your own Lego train collection.

LEGO Trains Hobby (10183)

I downloaded them all, but i have a cable connection and a new Macbook. Posted March 9, This is to ensure that my files are not put anywhere but here at Eurobricks.

I have just had a quick look and the only thing I can find is an Insperational sheet which can be found here Idea Sheet for There is instructions but only for the 1 main model, these can ba found here Instructions Hope this helps Gallop. The instructions only run in Digital Designer so even if someone downloads the files, you will have to have a computer new enough to run the software.

The reason why I’m asking is that I don’t have the sources to download all 30 instructions and my PC at home is very old and slow and can’t handle the size. Skip to main content. I’m so mad at myself for not buying one of these at half off. Show less Show more. What should it be, my friends? I tried pdf-s mentioned in this topic, but the quality is really bad. You can pm me if you want a specific instruction. These make up a guardrail that goes around the snout at both ends of the locomotive.


Thank you for pointing that out, Brickster! I hope this is alright with admins and moderators?

It comes with instruction to build 1 model and it says you can build another 29 models with instructions for each that can be downloaded on the Lego website. Build over a dozen custom Lego fan designed models, including the famous Swiss Crocodile. Once you have them and go to building guide mode, they do an animated build which takes some getting used to as you have to constantly rotate your point of view to see where the additions take place. I’m not sure what to do.

The numbers of the alternative models are shown on the poster of the set.