In both Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga, damage is done through the TAS (Tactical Arts System). Rather than merely pressing a button to execute a. Arts are combos that result in a special move being used during battle. To learn new Hyper or Super Arts, simply use the correct attack combination. Arts are the best way to win battles in Legend of Legaia. As your AP bar increases in size you will be able to perform better Arts. You must find the elemental.

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Or print out this walk-through, of course. It hits all enemies for around 4, damage. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Fantasy World – Legend of Legaia – Arts List

Legais player can uncover each character’s Arts by experimentation, or through non-player characters throughout the game who reveal Arts to the characters. Hyper Arts are learned by obtaining and using special Books for the three Ra-Seru. Mystic Arts are a type of Art levend only in Legaia 2: Once you stumble accross one, the words “New Art! This is a powerful healing spell. Miracle Arts are a type of Art found only in Legend of Legaia.


These books are generally either easy to find in treasure chests they’re usually out in the open or obtained by defeating bosses.

Once you stumble accross one, the words “New Art! The requirements to execute a Mystic Art are more stringent than any other types of Arts. String lsgaia together by making sure the last move of the first combo is the first move of the next one, and make sure you have enough AP for both moves.

If you have room for 5 attacks, you lefend do a five-hit combo or two three-hit arhs. These are learned like regular Arts. Duel Saga, Hyper Arts are learned in many different ways. Just remember, they eat up AP like nobody’s business. This is because the three characters’ Ra-Seru are aligned with different elements. You might know something I don’t or remind me to put in something I didn’t mention.

These are often more powerful than regular Arts.

They are the ultimate Arts and are three in total – one for each party member. When equipped, this talisman will boost defense against Earth powers and give access to lwgaia Palma spell.

Give it to Zalan noticing a pattern?

Supposedly, you obtain the Water Egg by fishing up a lot of points in the fishing hole near Buma. For Vahn’s Meta, you need to collect the Fire Books. There are 8 secret Ra-Seru spells in Legaia: They take leyend more moves to pull off than other Arts, but they are generally worth using Spirit a turn simply because of the damage they can dish out.


Jedo Deadly Promise MP: Legend of Legaia Arts list, initial version.

AP can be earned in three ways; dealing physical damage without performing Arts, taking damage from opponents, or by foregoing actions for one turn in order to charge up using the Spirit command.

The key for this list is simple: If you win, you get the War God Icon, which is a kegaia good item, but you can still get another item in the Dome Contents [ show ].

Legend of Legaia Combos

These are often more powerful than regular Arts. When using Hyper Arts in Legend of Legaia, they are displayed in the Arts list in yellow font, as opposed to the usual blue with yellow ending. You have to fight another 8 enemies.

I fixed a couple of Art names and moved some that were in the wrong category. Tough Love is especially effective on Seru.