29 oct. Et puis il raconte que, quand il a découvert “Le Transperceneige” dans une car on venait d’apprendre qu’il avait acquis les droits de la BD. Publication Dates: fevrier – ; Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – Le Transperceneige – #3); Color: noir / blanc; Dimensions: Format normal; Binding. Comic Bits Online: Casterman BD: Le Transperceneige – L’Intégrale(Collection).

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Certo ci sono dei vaghi collegamenti con transperfeneige primo ma poi tutto si perde. Of course everybody knows the train is a big metaphor of the global society. Paperbackpages. This story is rare Apr 12, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: The two are eventually called to meet Colonel Krimson, passing through several different cars of the train.

Belleau and the members of her group agree, but Proloff learns that Krimson intends to disconnect the rear cars while his friends are aboard them. I’d give them both 2 stars. Reading a graphic novel in French was a really cool experience.

So this was an overall disappointment. Very different from the movie! An English translation was released in by Titan Comics[4] consisting of two volumes: Having a French dictionary around could be helpful, but personally I prefer to get caught up in the story and miss the odd word to constantly stopping and checking things.


This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat The Explorers ; though the second volume only makes mention of The Explorers in its lr, it also contains The Crossing.

It didn’t make sense. The characters were interesting, although there weren’t enough women.

“Snowpiercer” : les auteurs de la BD sous le charme du film ! [INTERVIEW]

Lo stile del aveva un che di bonelliano mi scusino i bonellianicon l’aggiunta di qualche sfumatura di grigio. Belleau dies of the cold while Proloff is rescued by Alec Forrester, the engineer behind the Snowpiercer, who appoints him caretaker of ‘Olga’, the engine.

Mas tive muitos transpercenfige com a passagem de tempo, a Dividido em 3 partes, onde a primeira narra o destino dos habitantes do perfura-neve desenhado e escrito por Lob e Rochettee os outros dois sobre o desbrava-gelo desenhado e escrito por Legrand e Rochetteformam na verdade duas partes distintas.

This is that rare occasion where the movie was better.

Le Transperceneige : Intégrale by Jacques Lob

Krimson explains transpercejeige Proloff and Belleau that the Snowpiercer has begun to slow down, and asks Proloff and Belleau’s assistance in advancing the occupants of the rear of the train, to enable the rear cars’ disconnection. The Explorers ; though the second volume only makes mention of The Explorers in its title, it also contains The Crossing.


Hey, black and white can be just as good as color, but this was not a good example of that. This post-apocalyptic premise is strikingly evoked by the monochrome art, which gets darker as the book progresses.

Adaptation Korean director Bong Joon-ho adapted the graphic novel to the cinema as Snowpiercerwhich was originally released in In inglese con sottotitoli in olandese, of course. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Le Transperceneige : Intégrale

We saw a lw of space, the darkness and agony to be confronted with highly-lit big space with aquarium and a sushi table.

I became really attached to the characters and their struggling.

Mignan rated it really liked it Shelves: The girl who follows the hero of the story cries, has strange doubts, strange ideas, strange behaviourof course ttansperceneige an instalove I liked the art a lot, as it showed the stark contrast between the interior and exterior of the train beautifully.

Anche comprensibile, visto che sono passati quindici anni tra i due. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.