Earth Under Fire has 51 ratings and 5 reviews. David said: Astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette holds a few basic premises which are thoroughly detailed in. In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette connects these “myths” to recent scientific findings in astronomy, geology, and archaeology to reconstruct. Earth Under Fire by Paul LaViolette. Astronomical and geological evidence of the occurrence of a global conflagration, catastrophic deluge, and mass extinction.

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Dec 09, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Comments Newsletter Contact News. The amateur [non-scientist] will want to follow up and read the sources referenced in his notes.

Earth Under Fire – Galactic Superwaves – Project Camelot Interviews Dr Paul LaViolette

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The author presents one of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print.

Most of the light reaching us would have come from electrons that had emerged from the Galaxy’s dust-obscured inner regions. Lists with This Book. Erin rated it really liked it Aug 28, Marina rated it liked it Jun 07, A brilliant and fide astrophysicist, Paul is best known for his research into a new theory of matter he calls Subquantum Kinetics – based on systems theory, which he studied for his PhD thesis – and for his carefully argued hypothesis, first formulated inthat our galactic center periodically emits devastating waves he termed Superwaves.

When the combination of an electromagnetic pulse, a gravity wave, radiation, and dust enter a star system, the effects on stars and planets are intense. Paul states that there is a real chance earhh one such event could arrive within the next few decades.

Using ancient legends and observations he strengthens his case for a cyclic cosmos. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. This book is a detailed read, but well worth it. In this fascinating work, Paul LaViolette brings together past legends, myths, and prophecies and blends them together with new physics, and with his unique interpretation of astronomical bodies and astrological symbols.

Provides scientific evidence of past Earth-wide catastrophes and their galactic warth origins. The past records document a phase of activity that will come around again as everything attempts to balance out. This barrage caused the solar system to become enveloped in a dense nebula, which led to periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, severe solar storms, searing heat, and mountainous floods that plagued mankind for many generations.


Earth Under Fire (Book)

Before this one, there were three other “worlds,” each terminated by a global catastrophe. Jesus’ attempt to restore the tradition of monarchy and good government, though the Grail Code. More books from this author: Because the synchrotron radiation from such high velocity electrons shines forward in a very narrow cone, this light would have appeared to ancient observers like a bright blue-white star about a unver times brighter than the brightest star in the night sky.

Sonia rated it really liked it Oct 07, Open Preview See a Problem? This information reveals the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors who, when faced with extinction, found the means to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed them could occur once again virtually without warning.

Bryan Day rated it really liked it Oct 17, They trigger intense reactions in stars on the edge of instability, and lesser reactions in stable stars.

It even has information relevant to the future.

In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette connects these “myths” to recent scientific findings in astronomy, geology, and archaeology to reconstruct the details of prehistoric global disasters and to explain how similar tragedies could recur in the near future. Explains the memorial significance of the Orion constellation, the Pleiadian rites, and the Minoan bull-leaping ceremony. The EMP [electromagnetic pulse] accompanying such a Superwave could knock out electrical power grids and communication networks on a global scale.

Rob Williams rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It was broken by Almond. There, they would have formed a network of faintly luminous laviiolette filaments stretching outward across the sky from the vicinity of the Blue Star. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A long silence followed this remark.

Page by page and chapter by chapter, he takes us through a keen analysis of ancient myth, legend, and lore to discover the amazing lost history of our race. Since the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase.


Paperbackpages. I know that many will find this unbelievable. Douglas Clark rated it it was lavioldtte May 09, He links this with ancient records, revealing sarth an advanced antediluvian culture had met with an untimely demise.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. About 80 percent of this light would lqviolette come from a region less than a lavioletre of an arc minute in diameter, in other words from a region smaller than the apparent diameter of the planet Mars. This is a book that both fascinates and frightens. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Apr 18, David Montaigne rated it it was amazing. During the time it ruled the heavens, its intensity would have varied from hour to hour, sometimes from minute to minute, due to variations in the concentration of cosmic rays along the depth of the earthh superwave shell.

This information reveals the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors who, when faced with extinction, found the means to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed them could occur once again. Jake told us that the effect could either be cataclysmic, or “just a puff of wind” We are led to understand the intelligence and ingenuity of a people who, while faced with extinction, found the means to communicate over the millennia to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed their race could occur again.

The second main idea is that this is tied to his theory of subquantum kinetics, ewrth all 3D matter is created from fluctuations in the building blocks Astrophysicist Dr.