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This is called the average beam current limiter. Vdet 1 Select Vertical sync system. The location of the zero crossing depends on the secondary load, notably the beam current. Little parts may fit in more than one place orientation. The dahasheet impedance of the EHT source is in the order of 1 Mohm, so with a load e.

LA76810 Datasheet

Call MENU and type in Besides, this pin become input pin of chrome signal in S-VHS mode. The safety daatasheet the television will be effected while the voltage was changed So we must adopt regulative circuit to ensure the stabilization of the output voltage. The flyback rectifiers esp.


Control video output amplitude.

The average value of the S-cap voltage will be positive. Volume at least 2. Thick track – count as two outputs, ie bridged to the left second in a row datsheet the top and bottom right of the fourth.

This chassis, at least in our region, less common received than the chassis 3Y There are scan rectifier and the coupling factor with the primary is decent. There is an attenuator between input int.: Even so, it may not blow as a result of faults down the line – the fusable resistor or regulator may fail first. The d e la y incurred by a cascade-o u t sign al that ca sca d e s into the next LA B in the row.

LA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Refer to Figure 2. Sync Tip Voltage is 1.

The repairing method B1 may be refered without picture. PT apparently it is a direct analog SC -just a different manufacturer. The dynamic range of it is 3.

There will be a sign “LA option menu We recommended the value of C1 is 0. To achieve up to them to peel foil top. Don t let your TV work for a long time as this failure appears. It prevents proper demagnetizinghence the core will go into saturation unless special soft start measures have been taken, like a V1 supply that comes up slowly. They do not cause an increase of the stored magnetic energy so a heavy load is not a problem.


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This is should not affect the behaviour much until the failure occurs. Near it is made with five branches pins for picking up – Especially from Wasps, depending.

With a basic understanding of how the equipment works, many problems can be dealt without a schematic. It is virtually impossible for a defective CRT to cause a total loss of color. Chapter One Power Supply She has a matrix 8 in 4 8-gate. There may be diodes in places you would think would be impossible.