KX Motorcycle. Service Manual. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or. Below are two pdf’s of OEM service manuals for the Kawasaki KX & KX covering years 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, & Make sure you check out my. KX Kawasaki. KX Motorcycle. Service Manual This manual is designed primarily for use by trained mechanics in a property equipped shop. However.

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Since the ball bearings are made to extremely close toler- ances, the wear must be judged by feel rather than mea- surement.

Oil Seal Installation Ignition Coil Inspection Apply a nonpermanent locking agent to the threads. Make sure about 16 mm 0.


Water Pump Shaft Removal If the corrugated fins are mznual, carefully straighten them with the thin blade of a screwdriver [A]. Rocker Arm Removal Special Tool – Top Plug Wrench, 46 mm: They must be smooth and clean for the radiator cap to function properly.

Cylinder Wear Inspection Flywheel Magneto Installation Table of contents General Information Abnormal Engine Noise Check to see that the throttle valve [B] goes all the way down into the carburetor body, and slides smoothly.

Rocker Arm Sleeve Wear Also, coat the base where the lip of the element fits.

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Brake Pad Wear Inspection I think some data is not correct for M8. Nothing I’ve found is exact. Free Play Check Gear Dogfgear Dog Hole Damage April 3, 1: Brake Pad Inspection Matthew October 31, 5: Clamp, Master Cylinder Front Master Cylinder Kd Tie-rod, Rocker Arm If only a piston is replaced, the clearance may exceed the standard slightly.


If carbon has built up inside the baffle, ex- haust efficiency is reduced, manyal engine performance to drop.

Disassemblv oil Change Tighten fasteners to the specified torque using a good quality torque wrench. Oil Manuaal Inspection Standard Torque Table If the surface is corroded, or if the blades [B] are dam- aged, replace the impeller. Push Rod Disassembly Lever Free Play — — — 2.