iv KURDISH GRAMMAR Some years of study and residence among the Kurds of various parts of ICurdistan —Kurmanji Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with. This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 4 10 Grammar / Rêziman 4 (continued) Some common prepositions and circumpositions with examples are the following: ba/nik/cem.

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My books fell down. Meyrem is older than Ferhad and Asya. My name is Salih and I am 22 years old. Up to now three poem collections by him have appeared: The most important uses of ku are the following: Grammar of Kabardian Language. Kazim has two pairs of shoes.

Ezafe is also used alongside pronouns to show possession. At a place near to them there were seven wolves.


We will stay in Wan for one week. Sorani personal pronouns have three persons and both singular and plural form. They had eaten Note grammr changes in the conjugation of the verbs according to different objects in the below examples: In her house, there are two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a restroom toilet.

I saw two birds.

Note that the nouns and pronouns following the prepositions are in Oblique case. The topic is quite complex, and in this introductory course we will only be showing you the most important features of these structures. A Grammar of the Mongol Language.

Why language is such an important issue? Their names are Ferhad, Asya and Meyrem.

Give me this book. Moreover, past perfect tense works, as all other tenses in Kurmanji, in different ways with intransitive and transitive verbs. Note that the same construction is also used for expressing past habits.

Grammar Of The Kurmanji Or Kurdish Language

That means that you did not go out at all? But on Sunday evening I went to the cinema with a friend of mine.


Do not be afraid! Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 6 3 erzan I speak Kurmanji Kurdish with my Kurdish friends, but unfortunately some of Kurdish friends do grajmar know Kurdish. Horse and cows are domestic animals. Examples of conjugations are as follow: It can be used as reflexive pronoun as in: Summer starts with month of June.

In this sense, keeping stable all other rules related to simple past tense, we should simply replace the simple past tense personal endings with the present perfect tense personal endings.

Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners PDF | عبدالرحمن بدر –

I have kuridsh courses. A grammar of the Hittite language: Gender is not marked. The oblique form varies according to the intended gender and number: