fitrianda utami studies Biology and Law. Bibit Gaharu Ku · Modulo cultura politica_version_ Rafael Castellanos · Panduan Kultur Jaringan Gaharu. Andri Sofda · THE MAGIC OF. Upaya Perbanyakan Tanaman Penghasil Gaharu (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Teknik Kultur Jaringan Tanaman: Implementasi beserta Aplikasi, dan Hasil.

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Sitepu, Atok Subiakto, Bambang Wiyono, Pratiwi, Sri Suharti, and Erry Purnomo revenue is regarded as the fixed daily income of the famers, and the gaharu-yielding trees as planted serve as the long-termed investment.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that gaharu business very potential and prospective to be developed especially in Indonesia that has biological potency such as availability of lots of gaharu producing tree species, plenty of potential forest area which is appropriate for gaharu cultivation and availability of supporting inoculation technique for gaharu cultivation. In vitro Banana plant tissueculture kulturjaringan banana tanaman horticulture hortikultura bibitpisang plants plantas cavendish tanamanbuah plantsofinstagram planter planting jarinfan seameobiotrop – 1 month ago.

Tree improvement that represents the test on the clone resulting from the combination of species and isolat should deserve a continuation using the so-called kultir trial-test to look into the species as well as the isolat that afford jaringsn best qualities, and finally this ends up with finding the superior clone. The strategy of research and development on gaharu is presented in the schemes as follows Figure 1.

Tissue culture SEAMEO BIOTROP(@bibitkulturjaringanbiotrop) – Instagram Posts – Deskgram

Meanwhile for Gyrinops sp. The induction that occurred at gaharu trees development in horizontal Gorontalo: Positive nutrient balances were observed for commodities such as gaharu, teak, durian, langsat, coconut, jatropha, and mahkota dewa.


Violent fusarium may cause the tree jairngan attacked that instigate death of the tree. In each compartment, the positive balance of economy was noticed in the compartments that klutur yield. Therefore, in order to develop gaharu agribusiness further, a partnership scheme between investor having enough capital with other parties having limited resources farmers or other parties interested in gaharu development should be initially introduced. This practice is done to allow palm tree grow at height level that suitable to provide shading for the gaharu trees.

The soil S;in, this site was Site. Several supporting factors on the success of its cultivation development and its artificial gaharu production mainly jarlngan on the availability of potential land for extensive gaharu cultivation, appropriate agro climate condition, cultivation technique which is relatively easy and has been well adopted by farmers, availability of necessary pathogen for gaharu inoculation and its demand that tends to increase with relatively high price.

Kulttur conducting of workshop afforded the outputs that brought benefits to the decision makers sticking to the policies on gaharu production in Indonesia.


In the early stage, this institute has owned over gaharu trees already induced with the fungi Fusarium spp. Feb 9, gauaru common macro pores; many fine roots, few medium roots; pH 6. The portion percentage of tree death at 3-month age duration after inoculation by the fungi isolates.

Gaharu producing trees could grow well at different ecosystem and forest type.

Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Each of the data sheets should be provided with explanation for each column to assist the column filling. To look into the measurement results on the gaharu-development symptom in vertical and horizontal directions, it is presented in Tables 6 and 7.

Add to your iGoogle or Netvibes page Flickriver widget for iGoogle or Netvibes can display almost any Flickriver view – most interesting today, by user, by group, by tag etc. Gaharu development in vertical direction 5.


Ekstrak daun karas telah dibangunkan dalam rangkaian produk prototaip penjagaan harian khusus untuk lelaki seperti pencuci tangan, pencuci muka untuk kulit sensitif dan kulit berminyak, toner penyegar, krim pelembap, pelembap bibir dan serum antioksidan berteknologi nano untuk merawat masalah kulit lelaki secara umum.

From those two studies, it can be assumed that Aquilaria spp. The gaharu plant is one of the forest products exclude woods with a good future prospect. The volume of liquid put into the hole amounts to about 1 ml wet origin. Its demand and price which tend to increase has resulted over exploitation of gaharu. The vulnerability of trees in facing the fungi infection was related to development of gaharu, whereby the gaharu qualities either qualitatively or quantitatively could be each reflected by the extent of infection and the content of other compounds.

In order to survive, this microorganism utilize liquid cell from woody tissue as source of energy. This intends to impart added values of gaharu products, thereby enhancing their uses commercially. In this research, there was also a demplot situated at Sukabumi, where thein inducement was done on the gaharu-yielding trees, growing plots. The increase in gaharu traded since the last tree decades has brought about the scarcity in the production of gaharu sapwood from the nature.

Temu Pakar Pengembangan Gaharu. The of gaharu development in vertical direction, as observed 3 Ks: