Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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This structure depicted in FIG. In addition, prior art semiconductor, piezoresistive devices typically contain ultra-thin gold wires traneducer between a sensor chip and an external contact. Again similar reference numerals have been utilized to depict similar structures. Most Active Hardware Boards: The sensor assembly may further include a sensing optical fiber in communication with the first EFPI; a reference optical fiber in communication with the second EFPI; and a glass header configured to support the sensing optical fiber and the reference optical fiber.

While dynamically pressurizing the liquid, the method includes simultaneously measuring: The differential pressure transducer also includes a reference tube configured to communicate the second pressure from the second pressure port to the diaphragm second side.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet – Kulite Semiconductor Products

The first side is configured to receive a first pressure by the first pressure transdufer, and the second side is adapted to receive a second pressure by the second pressure port. The same pressure which is the P R is applied to one side of both sensors and a second pressure, which is the differential pressure, is applied via the tube 31 to the differential sensor to cause that sensor to produce an output indicative of the difference between pressures.

The chip includes a wafer, which includes first and second recessed portions defining first and second diaphragm areas. The tube 31 shown in FIG. Systems and methods for sensor drift compensation. Do you have access to an oscilloscope?

Thus, each active area 30, 30′ is separated from the other by the presence of the two sets of surrounding rim One end of the tube is coupled to the differential pressure port, while the other end presdure the tube accommodates a differential pressure tube which is bent in an arcuate position and directed to the underside of the sensor of the differential sensor assembly mounted in the dual die pressure header.

The pressure port 15 has a front opening on the front surface 23 of the cylindrical pressure transducer header 10 extends through a bore 44 in the header housing In this manner the fuel filter transducer would measure pressure both upstream and downstream and the oil filter transducer would perform the same function. Get in Touch with us Horizon. Maybe it’s worth a shot?


The weld gap region is configured to have a predetermined gap distance such that the weld seals the transducer without stress in the weld.

In cavity 41 as will be explained, is positioned a dual die header assembly 30which header assembly 30 accommodates an absolute and differential pressure transducer or die. The transducer of claim 1, further comprising a third circuit, wherein said second circuit is further adapted to be coupled to said third circuit to cooperatively therewith provide a second output indicative of said second pressure.

There is also fabricated a three layer structure containing a first layer of Kaptona layer of copper and another layer of Kapton or similar material. Before proceeding with further explanation, reference is made to the above noted U. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People.

Digital Pressure Transducers in Mumbai. The devices employed are silicon-on-silicon sensor elements which eliminates all p-n junctions. A header assembly for a pressure sensor and methods for manufacturing and using the same are provided.

This will result in an imbalance in the Wheatstone bridge which imbalance is proportional to pressure measured. Thus, without p-n junction limitations static error bands of 0. Pressure sensor for a pressure transmitter. The sealed transducer may include one or more terminals.


There are four apertures associated with areas 57 and 58 and they are arranged in a circular pattern. A differential pressure port is located on a side surface of the pressure header assembly and is directed to a bore in the pressure header assembly. RMS fluctuation in the Year of Establishment Tube 31 brings the differential pressure to the underside of the differential die. Is there any heavy machinery or electric loads fans, motors, etc in the nearby vicinity?

This tube 31 supplies the differential pressure to the underside of one of the diaphragm areas of the die located within the header A pressure transducer assembly that uses static pressure compensation to capture low-level dynamic pressures in high temperature environments.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

The disclosed technology may include systems, methods, and apparatus for optical measurements. We procure our products from the reliable vendors of the industry.


The header 55 accommodates the pins as well as the reference tube and serves to insulate the semiconductor dies from the environment. Semiconductive structure useful as a pressure sensor.

The assembly of claim 16, wherein a second set of said second plurality of piezoresistors is electrically coupled with said third circuit to cooperatively therewith kuilte said second output substantially simultaneously with said first output.

Referring now also to FIG. The transducer of claim 5, wherein said second circuit includes third and fourth piezoresistors coupled in series, a third input node electrically coupled to said third piezoresistor, a fourth input node electrically ttransducer to said fourth piezoresistor and a second output node electrically coupled between said third and fourth piezoresistors.

The apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube of claim 1, wherein the end of the lock nut transduecr a flange coextensive with a shaft, wherein the flange and shaft are adapted to strengthen the seal to the pressure tube. Such environments include very harsh environments such as monitoring transeucer in automotive internal combustion engines, aircraft engines as well as in other environments which are subjected to relatively high pressures and high temperatures.

The resulting device has a number of unanticipated advantages.

Noise with Kulite Pressure Sensor on NI USB – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

A major aspect of the present invention relates to the housing structures to accommodate the sensors in a convenient and compact package, which is rugged and therefore capable of operating in harsh environments. Message 10 of A single chip dielectrically isolated silicon sensor adapted to substantially simultaneously measure a first absolute pressure and a second absolute pressure and the difference in pressure between the first and second pressure.

I can remove the Kemo filters from the setup and look at the unamplified Kulite signal on an oscilloscope. Essentially the entire apparatus is forced or pushed into the aperture 45 and in such a manner that the crushing ring abuts against the surfaces of the pressure header housing