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Published on Jun View 2. Ji po krtkm zamylen zjistte, e vet, kter vm b hlavou, se neomezuje pouze na montrky a vak. Dnen doba nm stle astji pin materilov inovace a nov technologie zpracovn. Zpstupuj se nm speciln materily, kter vminulosti pouvala vhradn NASA, ppadn jin zce specializovan organizace.

Proto nen nic vjimenho, e vbnm obchod nabzej ponoky spms stbra, triko znanovlken i UV filtrem apod. Materilov pokrok se tak promt i do kolekc pracovnch odv. Vzamstnn trvme mnoho asu a sprvn vybran pracovn odv nm tento as me zpjemnit. Stejn tak bundy, vesty a kalhoty vyroben z prodynho, vododolnho i paropropustnho materilu mete nosit nejen do prce, ale i pi volnoasovch aktivitch.

Tyto materilov vlastnosti, je byly dve vyhrazeny pouze zk clov skupin, naleznete dnes i u odv pracovnch, dky nim jsou odolnj, trvanlivj a pohodlnj. Vna nabdce mete vybrat z irok kly norjy v rznch gramchtyp odv a barevnch kombinac. Vybere si zajist kad. Normyy vnujte tak piktogramm, kter symbolizuj bu vlastnosti materilu nebo jeho pouit, ppadn uvdj normu, kuchaek kter byl odv certifikovn.

Nebudou-li vm nkter zkratky i nzvy materil jasn, nahldnte do naeho slovnku pojm na str. After a short review you will come to the conclusion that it is not only limited to work pants and jacket type items. In recent times with the development of more and more material innovations together with new processing technologies and special materials that are now accessible to us norky only previously used exclusively by specialized organisations like NASA and others it is not so extraordinary that you can now find socks with added silverT-shirts made from nanofibres or UV filter qualities in shops.

Fortunately material improvement is now projected into work clothes collections. We do spend a lot of time at work and correctly chosen work clothes will make this time much more pleasant. Jackets, vests or pants made from permeable, water resistant or steam permeable material can not only be worn to work but also for leisure activities.

The outstanding material characteristics that were only previously available to a certain narrow target group can now be found in work clothes. Thanks to this, work clothes are more sturdy, durable and comfortable and you can choose from a wide range of materials of varying quality and clothes types and coloured combinations. There is definitely something for everyone. Icons indicated symbolize either material characteristics and provide information relating to the standard to which the clothes are certified.


If some of kuchaskk material terms or abreviations used in this catalogue are not clear, please check our Terms dictionary on page or visit our web site www. Kolekce ALLYN je tvoena irokm spektrem odv, naleznete zde krom montrkovch kalhot i lehk trika nebo zimn bundy.

Odvy jsou doplnny reflexnmi komponenty 3M.

erva kompletn katalog

Toto materilov sloen je zrukou pohodl, prodynosti a tvarov i barevn stlosti. Softshell jacket with Velcro tightening inside cuffs, multifunctional pockets and underarm ventilation. Thermoinsulated jacket with cuffs in sleeves and velcro fastening, multifunctional pockets, ventilation in the armpits and waist tightening. The ALLYN collection is created in a wide range of clothes that not only includes work pants, but also light T-shirts or winter jackets.

Clothes are completed with 3M reflective components. The material composition is a guarantee of comfort, permeability and shape and colour durability. Winter jacket with inside cuffs, hood kuchassk collar, reinforced shoulders, removable sleeves and multifunctional pockets. Bunda svnitnmi manetami a odvtrvnm na zdech. Kalhoty kuchas zeslenmi zadnmi kapsami a koleny smonost vloen kolennch vztuh.

erva kompletn katalog

Work garments with noemy pockets. Jacket with inside cuffs and back ventilation. Pants with reinforced back pockets and knees with possibility to insert knee protectors. Light short sleeve polo shirt. Light short sleeve T-shirt. Reinforced knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors.

Lightweight T-shirt with short sleeve. Denim type work overall with multifunctional pockets, inner elastic waist, reinforced ouchask and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. Jean type jacket with reinforced hems and multifunctional pockets.

Modern Denim type work pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforced hems and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. Jean type vest with reinforced hems and multifunctional pockets. Denim type pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforced hems and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. Softshell, water resistant, steam-permeable and elastic jacket with water proof zippers.

Thermoinsulated and waterproof jacket with a Bamboo effect, mormy hems and stiffened points. Jacket with removable sleeves and pant prewashed with enzymes, with hem reinforcement and multifunctional pockets. Jacket with adjustable wristbands, reinforced hems and multifunctional pockets.

Pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforced hems and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. Jacket, pants, vest and shorts reinforced at exposed areas with multifunctional pockets.

Baseball cap with head circumference adjustment by a metal clip. Polo shirt with pocket on chest. Work shirt with pockets Materil: Thermoinsulated, water resistant and sweat permeable softshell jacket with zippered polyester lining adapted for machine normh. Thermoinsulated fleece jacket with multifunctional pockets.


Thermoinsulated vest with fleece collar and zippered polyester lining adapted for machine embroidery. Thermoinsulated and water resistant jacket with removable hood and zippered lining adapted for machine embroidery. Jacket with multifunctional pockets, underarm ventilation and reinforcement on shoulders and pockets.

Waist pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforcement on pockets and knees with possibility to insert knee protectors. Work vest with mesh lining, double layered front pockets and reinforcement on shoulders. Softshell jacket with Velcro cuffs and underarm ventilation. Thermoinsulated winter hat with longer peak, possibility to cover ears and top of head. Shirt style cut thermoinsulated fleece jacket, with hood, chest pockets and button up cuffs.

Winter jacket with overlaid closure, underarm ventilation, reflective accessories and reinforcement on shoulders, arms and flaps. Vce dtskch produkt najdete i na str. See more childrens products, pages 68, and kkuchask Winter vest with reinforcement on pockets and shoulders.

Jacket and pants with pockets, reinforcement on exposed areas and elastic knitted cuffs.

Ladies work jacket with pockets. Ladies work pants with pockets. Overall with multifunctional pockets. Jacket with multifunctional pockets. Pants with multifunctional norny. Work vest with multifunctional pockets. Baseball cap with a head circumference adjustment by a metal clip. Pants with removable legs under knees and multifunctional pockets. Comfortable short sleeve T-shirt. Work shorts with multifunctional pockets. Thermoinsulated jacket with hood in collar and multifunctional pockets.

Overall with reflective accessories. Jacket with reflective accessories. Pants with reflective accessories. Vest with reflective accessories. Thermoinsulated vest with lining. Jacket with multifunctional pockets and reinforced elbows and shoulders. Pants with the possibility to insert knee protectors and reinforced back part of pants. Work pants with pockets. Modern work jacket with outstanding coloured accessories.

Modern work pants with outstanding coloured accessories. Sum Summer work shorts. Water and oil proof jacket with reflective stripes. Water and norjy proof work pants with reflective stripes. Overall with reflective stripes. Jacket with reflective stripes. Pants with reflective stripes.

Work jacket with reinforcement at exposed areas. Pants with knee reinforcement and the possibility to insert knee protectors.