Kubizek met Adolf Hitler at a opera house in As Louis L. Snyder has pointed out: “Before long August began to regard his chance acquaintance as his best. This, August Kubizek gives. The son of an upholsterer in Linz, inspired early with a passion for music, Kubizek first met Hitler late in when both were. A valuable historical document from Hitlers only childhood friend.

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The small kitchen, with green painted furniture, had only one window, which looked out on to the courtyard. As late ason my mother’s eightieth birthday, he sent her a food parcel, and I never discovered how he came to know about it.

August Kubizek

kubuzek Hitler moved out of the flat in November, without leaving a forwarding address; Kubizek did not meet his friend again until Thereupon Kubizek accepted a position as an official in the municipal council of Eferding in Upper Austria, notfarfrom his original home, and music, from being his profession, became his hobby. It was the same when he was young. The uniform of the customs official served kubbizek a cover for anything that may have gone on in the stormy sphere of his private life.

In the first place the eleven-year-old boy found it difficult to adapt himself to the new surroundings. Then began for him those years of bitterest misery of which he himself says little and of which there is no reliable witness. Perhaps the difference between us was that he took things seriously which seemed to me quite hirler.

Thus Klara Polzl was directly related to the Huttler-Hiedler family, for J ohann Nepomuk Hiedler was the brother of that J ohann Georg Hitper who appears in the baptismal register of Dollersheim as Adolf’s father’s father. And at the end there is a moving scene of Kubitzek meeting his friend after 30 years, and as the Fuhrer of all Germany, in a Bayreuth festival, wagner is the glue that binds those two friendsWagner and Germany.


August Kubizek – Wikipedia

It is just amazing that this side of Hitler is so well hidden under tones of propaganda, you will see how his only interests were books, architecture ,art and music, how he lived through poverty with the utmost dignity, his artistic views and his attempts even to right an OPERA! As difficult as this is to do, it allows oneself to understand the complexity of character of people history has rightly labeled “evil. Impatiently he would twirl the small black cane which he always carried.

He attends the opera and concerts and has a particular affinity for Richard Wagner.

As could be foreseen, the result was bad and remained so when he repeated his examination between September 1 and 15, Perhaps this Adolf is a student? Being in the open had an extraordinary effect upon him. Critical though cannot be called hatred, instead not being able to separate critical though from hate is indeed idiotic. His “dear friend Gustl” was at Hitler’s side throughout his decision to leave school, attempts to get into the art and architecture schools in Vienna, the death of his beloved mother and his rapid descent into poverty.

But recognizing that everyone in history was a human is every kubisek, whether serious or hobbyist, obligation so that they can paint yitler accurate, non-sensationalist picture of events past. A littie incident stands out in my memory. This friendship began in where both young boys would spend much of their spare time, at the opera.


The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

Adolf Hitler writes that Rabatsch “served as a defense against feelings of sexual inadequacy. It is a repulsive job to re-upholster old furniture by kubizel and remaking the stuffing.

Upon learning of hitker friend’s three sons, Hitler insisted on financing their educations at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz.

Not what he said impressed me first, but how he said it.

The Young Hitler I knew

Small comfort that Paula was a quiet, easily led child; all the greater was the anxiety over the only son, an anxiety that only ended with her death. Because of their shared passion for the operas of Richard Wagnerthey quickly became close friends and later roommates in Vienna while both sought admission into college. kubize,

Nevertheless, there was in his bearing something very precise. And this was by no means a peculiarity which he had acquired through external influences, by his upbringing at home or at school, but an innate quality that was also apparent in his father’s unsettled character.

The light shed by this book is more than that: This brings a single declaration from the deranged but dedicated father of this aberration: It is clear the author is neither uncritical nor overly so, but simply gives an honest recollection of his experience and his opinions.

I fear that by giving a picture of the actual facts, I shall disappoint those who are expecting sensational disclosures.