Blackveil (Green Rider) [Kristen Britain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan. Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan G’ladheon in author Kristen Britain’s New York Times-bestselling Green Rider fantasy series •.. . Praise. Praise for the Green Rider series: “Green Rider is a wonderfully captivating heroic fantasy adventure. Kristen Britain’s likable heroine.

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She has joined my hitlist alongside other eminent i’m-going-to-die-before-my-series-is-over greats, George R. But Britain messed everything up so thoroughly in this book, I just wanted to throw the damn thing across the room! Read it Forward Read it first. Luckily I didn’t start this series until a couple months ago, so when I’m done with Blackveil, I should only have a few months to wait for the next installment to come out this May!

It won’t stop me from continuing to buy the books or suggesting them to friends, though. He once took the guise of the Raven Mask until citcumstances demanded his occupation change from gentleman thief.

Sep 01, Eric Allen rated it it was ok. Hope and Red Jon Skovron 9. Surely she isn’t in the castle toombs!! That seems to be pretty much resolved There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Blackveil by Kristen Britain

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. All art, including partials, used with the artist’s knowledge and permission. As for Zachary, I britwin bad for him because he loves Karigan so much and now he’s stuck with Estora, brihain I think he likes and respects but doesn’t love her in that way Not sure how long this review is going to be but we will see.


A main character gets raped. Books by Kristen Britain.

Blackveil (Green Rider, book 4) by Kristen Britain

But in this book we actually get a group heading in with the intention of exploration, which was kind of awesome. It opens one’s mind to the wide world.

No, which is helpful since they traveled through most of the Blackveil forest together on the blzckveil to Argenthyne. Although I understand that rape can happen even between married OK, forcibly married people, I can’t see putting modern day social norms in a medieval setting like that. Brktain that’s an art. Each character has a backstory and a motive of some sort. Zachary takes a poisoned arrow to the chest, leaving him near death.

This is a real page-turner. The writing didn’t seem to be up to standard. Though Mornhavon is gone, the forest is still a treacherous and unnatural place filled with monstrous creatures and deadly traps. Now when you combine a person whose poisoned and a drugged they are basically not moving if you think about it logically.

I love the humor woven through these books and the characters are wonderfully three-dimensional! Read reviews that mention green krissten next book rider series kristen britain green riders cliffhanger wait for the next previous books looking forward king zachary second empire kings tomb another 4 years next installment karigan and zachary high king storyline find out what happens character development cliffhanger ending.


Totally not worth it. They want to enter Blackveil to see what remains of Argenthyne, their lost capital city.

And, alas, my worst fears were realized! Characters flip flopping- Did Kristin Britain just give up? I also wonder if Miss Britain started something she doesn’t know how to get out of with the Karigan – Zacary romance, I would love that ending, krisetn can’t see how it can come about.

I thought he was needlessly tacked on to the previous book, but he was even more so here.

Blackveil – Wikipedia

I was hoping beyond hope that she would run off with Amberhill or something but no. Miscarriage for Plot Reasons sounds awful. Kristen Britain writes so beautifully that I never want to have to put her books down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So five stars well earned. The whole masquerade scenes in the forest Estral Andovian is the daughter of the Golden Guardian of Selium.