Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots – Manual PS/79 and PS/80 DX anuary Rev TM Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots INTRODUCTION. Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 5- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other . Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other .

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Maximum working fluid rate: Friday, June 23, Condition: Complete Pressure Pumping Company. National UE drawworks rated at HP. MD Totco electronic drilling recorder. Each triplex pump is unitized with a suction tank and dedicated 8 x 6 x 60 Hp charging pump for maximum efficiency.

Two 2 Swaco shale shakers. Contact Supplier Start Order. Wednesday, October 24, Condition: Simple propeller shaft connections at rig up. How can I place order? The basic rig components move in five loads. Sunday, June 07, Condition: All process tanks are unitized on a common skid with 2 8 x 6 x 75 Hp centrifugal pumps, a vacuum degasser and one 16 cone desilter GPM.

Tuesday, June 09, Condition: Solids Controls 2 shakers, desander, desilter and vacuum degasser Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co.

How do you take care when your clients received defective products?


Pressure compensated piston hydraulic pump technology Hydraulic valve stack s to control hydraulic flow to open loop components Common hydraulic reservoir equipped as follows: If there are some defective items, we usually credit to our customer or replace in next shipment. One 1 75 barrel trip tank square tank.


KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4-Station Closing Unit

Unique design provides load transfer down each mast leg with no eccentricity or offsets. Ample well head clearance in all directions for large BOP equipment.

Each power source serves as back-up. Positioned in a climate controlled drillers cabin, the ergonomically designed system incorporates controls for the drawworks, rotary and mud pumps with rig information 800 and control touch screens.

Manual, Type 80 Koomey Unit

Mixing pit Mud mixing pump: After payment has been settled, we start to prepare the shipment for you. Hawk H Wireline Machine: Proven lockup feature in each converter provides highly efficient power transmission without normal torque converter efficiency losses after loads have been accelerated.

Idler adjusted high-speed roller chain in oil bath case compound ing each engine drive to drawworks drum shaft. The slug, mixing and blending tanks are on one common skid with 2 8 x 6 x 75 Koomeey centrifugal pumps and hopper dust collector included.

Thursday, November 08, Condition: Power Reserve Spool 5. Sure Shot A-1 with wireline unit Mud House: Includes rig base pinned to main structure and truss diagonals to provide wide base and trackage for unlt mast on substructure. Wednesday, March 29, Condition: Allows individual power transmission from either engine to drum shaft or rotary drive. After the flow meters, the pump discharge piping runs to the main hydration tank inlet. The inlet piping shall consist of twelve 12 4 inch Fig union, 08 half connections.


Koomey unit, type 80, – Worldwide Oilfield Surplus Database !

China kitchen unit China heat recovery units China container living units. Thursday, June 15, Condition: The unit systems are detailed as follows: Mast has been modified for Top Drive. Mast is extended and telescoped with trailer tractor.

Then we issue you an PI for your confirmation. Wednesday, December 05, Condition: Hydraulic Power Skid Detroit 6. Top Dog House with Substructure 7. The horsepower Model drawworks and the ‘APl-rated mast are sized for dependable drilling operations in this medium depth range.

Upon Request view details For Sale: BJ Manual Typd Rig floor and substructure incorporate drainage system to provide maximum fluid containment. The driller can instantly select the proper ratio in any operation with the full torque shifting capability of the synchronized transmissions COMPOUND- Integral with final drum drive.

American Block RK How can I pay you?