The Governments represented in the Seventh International Conference of American States: Wishing to conclude a Convention on Rights and Duties of States. Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States. Signed at Montevideo, 26 Decem ber Entered into Force, 26 Decem ber Article 8. In the absence of rigorous philosophical tradition in Indonesia, to build a nation and a nation-state out of hundreds of ethnic groups, Indonesian.

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File:Montevideo Convention parties.svg

Recognition is unconditional and irrevocable. In this newer approach, Konvesni is seen as a kind of political contract to be implemented, not as a mantra to be repeatedly cited to produce miracles. The recognition of a state may be express or tacit. Search our webpages Search. The only state to attend the Seventh International Conference of American States, where the convention was agreed upon, which did not sign it was Bolivia.

Article 4 States are juridically equal, enjoy the same rights, and have equal capacity in their exercise. The contracting states definitely establish as the rule of their conduct konvenssi precise obligation not to recognize territorial acquisitions or special advantages which have been obtained by force whether this consists in the employment of arms, in threatening diplomatic representations, or in any other effective coercive measure.

The primary interest of states is jontevideo conservation of peace. Organization of American States.

Montevideo Convention – Wikipedia

Montevldeo 2 The federal state shall constitute a sole person in the eyes of international law. The rights of each one do not depend upon the power which it possesses to assure its exercise, but upon the simple fact of its existence as a person under international law. Pancasila, the five principles of the Indonesian political philosophy, can be regarded as the brainchild of this political syncretism.


In witness whereof, the following Plenipotentiaries have signed this Convention in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French and hereunto affix their respective seals in the city of Montevideo, Republic of Uruguay, knovensi 26th day of December, An important part of the convention was a prohibition of using military force to gain sovereignty. In most cases, the only avenue open to self-determination for colonial or national ethnic minority populations was to achieve international legal personality as a nation-state.

The corresponding instruments shall be deposited in the archives of the Pan American Union which shall communicate them to the other High Contracting Parties.

Archived copy as title. Delegations from twenty states participated – from the United States and all those in Latin America except Costa Rica provision was made for Costa Rica to later sign montdvideo conventions and treaties preseented in the conference.

After the expiration of this period the Convention shall cease in its effects as regards the party which denounces but shall remain in effect for the remaining High Contracting Parties. Montevideo Convention at Wikisource. Article 1 The state as a person of international konvfnsi should possess the following qualifications: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Herring, Oxford University Press, p. States are juridically equal, enjoy the same rights, and have equal capacity in their exercise. New York state election, Democratic National Convention, United States presidential election, theme song A further four states signed the Convention on 26 Decemberbut have not ratified it. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uruguay shall transmit authentic certified copies to the governments for the aforementioned purpose of ratification.

The 16 states that have ratified this convention are limited to the Americas.

The conference is notable in U. The instrument of ratification shall be deposited in the archives of the Pan American Union in Washington, which shall notify the signatory governments of said deposit. Montrvideo editors at Faculty of Law. The jurisdiction of states within the limits of national territory applies to all the inhabitants. Wishing to conclude a Convention on Rights and Duties of States, have appointed the following Plenipotentiaries:. The present Convention shall be ratified by the High Contracting Parties in conformity with their respective constitutional procedures.


Article 10 The konvenssi interest of states is the conservation of peace. The committee also found that the existence of states was a question of fact, while the recognition by other states was purely declaratory and not a determinative factor of statehood. The author believes that out of these three components montegideo are 14 structural interrelationships that should be taken into account in order to have a viable state, capable of fulfilling its domestic and international obligations.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Online at Google Books. Furthermore, Article 11 reflects the contemporary Stimson Doctrineand is now a fundamental part of international law through article 2 paragraph 4 of the Charter of the United Nations. Article 5 The fundamental rights of states are not susceptible of being affected in any manner whatsoever. According to Article 11 of the Convention [7]. The exercise of these rights has no other limitation than the exercise of the rights of other states according to international law.

Differences of any nature which arise between them should be settled by recognized pacific methods.