Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead [Konstantin Raudive, Joyce Morton, N. Fowler, Elizabeth Coxhead] on. His name was Konstantin Raudive, and he called his technique The book, called Breakthrough, went ahead, and EVP was on the scene. Breakthrough: An Amazing. Experiment in Electronic. Communication with the Dead. By Konstantin Raudive Ph.D. (shown at left). • Translated by Nadia Fowler.

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Konstantīns Raudive – Wikipedia

A good portion of the independent listeners were personal friends. For radio-based instrumental transcommunication researchers, Raudive also introduced us to the idea of inter-frequency white noise and microphone recording.

He then began conducting sessions were a microphone was placed in front of the radio speaker and another was used for speaking. Brekathrough diode was simply a piece of germanium connected by a wire coiled two to three times.

This is the for runner to how myself and the majority of ghost box users conduct question and answer jonstantin with our radio-based instrumental transcommunication devices. In this method, which was described as problematic at best, a frequency was added to a radio signal. He was talking with another researcher and upon playback, he realized that meaningful responses were forthcoming from the other side via the radio.

Over the course of the next three years, Dr. In the analog age that Raudive was in, a device to convert sound to electrical energy was needed and the microphone allowed for Raudive to not only speak his questions, but also record the answers from the other side.

In all, Raudive is responsible for being the first person to thoroughly document his foray into EVP. They were well documented by scientists and were proven in a controlled environment.

Raudive had a penchant for languages. He konwtantin upon documenting the people at the session and the date and time brezkthrough session took place; he insisted upon limiting distractions and unnecessary conversation; he also recommended limiting recording times to under fifteen minutes due to the long hours it requires for playback examination.


With the help of various electronics experts he recorded overaudiotapes, most of which were made under what he described as “strict laboratory conditions. It is a primitive form of radio receiver crystal, but it has seen a recent resurgence in the radio based ITC community under the name Raudive Detector Circuit. Raudive and Jurgenson collaborated together in recording sessions until June with results that were described as tenuous at best.

After reading his book inRaudive contacted Jurgenson to learn more. Jurgenson, breaktbrough importantly, posited to the public that these voices were not from rwudive beings, but they were actually the voices of the dead.

Unfortunately, this was not developed by either of these researchers. These diodes were later made famous by George Meeks in his famous Spiricom device.

Konstantin raudive – Breakthrough (7″ Ep) – Soundohm

According to Raudive, however, one night, as he listened to one recording, he clearly heard a number of voices.

These independent listeners had skills that were quite varied. This method simply entails having a recorder with a microphone attached to it. He thought some of which were in German, some in Latviansome in French.

Konstantīns Raudive

After learning of his mediator, he successfully began recording radio voices. The last voice on the tape, according to Raudive, a woman’s voice, said ” Va dormir, Margarete ” “Go to sleep, Margaret”. Pye Records had a long list of recording artists at that time and their British studio provided a pristine recording environment for EVP experimentation.

Raudive delineated a number of characteristics of the voices, as laid out in Breakthrough:. Raudive also experimented with what he dubbed Frequency Transmitting Recording. Retrieved hreakthrough ” https: Despite this remarkable evidence, Raudive and his recordings are still dismissed by the skeptic community. Over people were involved in his research, and all apparently heard the voices. Raudive knew that he needed to investigate this further in a more controlled environment away from Jurgenson while using his own equipment.


But, to prove to breakhrough world that something was there, he invited prominent physicists, electronic engineers, parapsychologists, and other professionals to partake in sessions that are well documented.

These words made a deep impression on me, as Margarete Petrautzki had died recently, and her illness brekathrough death had greatly affected me. He did this while attempting to capture birdsongs. Views Read Edit Radive history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Raudive was born in Latgale in eastern Latvia then part of Vitebsk Governorate but studied extensively abroad, later becoming a student of Carl Jung.

He was ultimately put to the test in a controlled experiment after the publication of his book. Prior to this mistake, his radio sessions were recorded sans microphone. I never met him but have some of his first edition books, and have read about his IPV work and listened to his recordings on the Web with interest, given my own recent experiences with the departed.

I will not go in to depth about the actual content of the recordings because they are too vast to document here. The fifth and final method of recording was discovered by accident, and it is the method that is used by ghost box researchers around the globe today.

Other researchers often report communications with Raudive.