In this case report, transitional bonding with the aid of a Kois deprogrammer was used to restore a patient’s worn dentition. Finding the centric relation might sometimes seem hard, but with appropriate devices, such as the Kois Deprogrammer it’ll become just obvious. The centric. The Kois Deprogrammer is a palatal-‐coverage maxillary acrylic device with a flat plane lingual to the anterior teeth. It separates the dental arches and provides.

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It is worn until the necessary muscle deprogramming is accomplished days or weeks if necessary, usually weeks. Adjustments were made to the deprogrammer platform that would open the vertical dimension just enough to allow this. In keeping with dentofacial requirements, direct composite was applied to the incisal edges in a non-invasive approach.

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Occlusal Problems.

Transitional Bonding with the Kois Deprogrammer: A Conservative Treatment Approach

It has been has shown that, in patients with a centric prematurity introduced deprogtammer a short period of time, a percentage of them may take days or weeks to lose the muscular uncoordination in the muscles of mastication once the prematurity is removed.

It was then necessary to verify that the new anterior tooth length did not encroach on the envelope of function.

When structural problems of TMJ are suspected positive load test the Kois Deprogrammer is not indicated. Nightly use of the night guard will help manage but not eliminate those risks.


Angie Segatto – 2 Oct Giano Ricci – 11 Sep Monaldo Saracinelli – 3 Aug Patrizia Lucchi – 28 Kiis The generalized wear facets presenting on the posterior teeth as well as the maxillary and mandibular deprogrammed edges was consistent with an inefficient use of the masticatory muscles creating an inefficient chewing pattern.

Giano Ricci – 23 May Stefan Koubi – 27 Jul It facilitates finding premature contacts — i. The biomechanical and periodontal risks were not increased because the tooth preparations were supragingival and remained in enamel.

Giano Ricci – 22 Jun Then, the appliance should be placed in the mouth and checked to establish whether the insertion is passive.

A partial list of appliances and techniques to find the CR, includes the Lucia Jig, the leaf gauge, and the bilateral manipulation technique. Compend Contin Educ Dent. Stefan Koubi – 4 Jun Viktor Scherbakov – 4 Nov The full-face photographs displayed a brachycephalic facial form with hypertrophy of the masseter muscles Figure 5.

Giano Ricci – 27 Feb The patient, in turn, benefitted from being able to preview a new incisal length and chewing system before committing to porcelain restorations. Alisa Chegodaeva – 22 Jul You must be signed in to read the rest of this article. There was evidence of interproximal enamel demineralization on teeth Nos. Anna Deprogramer – 22 Aug This allowed the patient to visualize slightly different lengths and approve the esthetic goal Figure 7.

Giano Ricci – 7 Jun Alisa Chegodaeva – 1 Apr Franco Brenna – 22 Feb Jordi Manauta – 19 Jun The unprepared enamel on teeth Nos. The functional risk was managed but not eliminated. Many studies concerning full-mouth rehabilitation associated with increasing the OVD have shown that it is preferable to plan such cases in a Centric Relation position — this being acceptable and reproducible.


The final porcelain restorations deporgrammer placed using an adhesively retained bonding protocol. There were no shared risk factors for bone loss.

Kois Deprogrammer

Giulio Pavolucci – 25 Sep Clifford Ruddle – 6 Oct The patient had a normal range of opening. All streaks to the linguals of the maxillary centrals and laterals were removed to ensure there was koos friction. Giano Ricci – 1 Mar The possibility of parafunction nocturnal bruxism combined with occlusal dysfunction may have exacerbated the breakdown in the system.

Testing occlusal management, previewing anterior esthetics, and staging rehabilitation with direct composite and Kois deprogrammer.

Fair if just dysfunction; poor if combined with parafunction.

Kois Deprogrammer | Dental Services | Academy Dental

Calogero Bugea – 7 Jul Dimitar Filtchev – 27 Mar For some patients, it may be necessary to wear the deprogrammer up to 24 hours per day except when eating for old muscle memory to be erased and become completely deprogrammed. When the patient closes their mouth and the same initial contact is confirmed — the patient is deprogrammed. Koia Bugea – 12 May