Homemade belt grinder patterned after a KMG design. Tag: KMG clone. Homemade 2×72 Belt Grinder. Ever since I saw a belt grinder in use, I saw the many uses it could have in the shop. After pricing them, I found. Heres a photo summary of a KMG clone I built based on Mike Clercs drawings. Mike was very helpful when I had questions about his plans so.

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Maybe just use the basement for filework and hand finishing stuff. Check out my Gallery on: Find all posts by R.

So I’m re-posting em and hosting em. I stumbled across these plans awhile back, figured I’d share em. Find all posts by clonw. I think your construction methods utilizing aluminum materials should be more that strong enough for the application. I even trimmed the control panel, made a bracket for it and mounted it. So, away I went. Log in or Sign up.

New Machine Build KMG clone belt grinder ( pics )

No, create an account now. Your name or email address: KMG clone belt grinder pics Looks great man, would you consider sharing your 3D files?


If I was to go with aluminum I would use fender washers for better stress distribution. The EFFR off the wilmot site.

So I already downloaded it again. Originally Posted by wizard.

Homemade KMG Clone Belt Grinder

The mess clohe make isn’t suitable for most shops. Other than the ticking noise it ran awesome. What kind of motor is that. Need to make rests for it on its side and I am looking at a TW 90 type rest arrangement for that if I can. A few guys on the machinists sites are running clond and stuff on them and they seem to be for the most part happy with them.

Find all posts by squigly Hopefully, that will be enough power and the variable speed will be a nice feature. More images and drawings.

Homemade KMG Clone Belt Grinder –

Industrial sewing machine motor rpmWats. I’ve actually thought about doing a machine myself, built in such a way that it can be left outside. Hills of Tennessee Posts: I managed to mount 3 piecesalmost break my fingers doing it BradAug 6, coone Glad to see these posted. Yeah, just food for thought. And it was free so I tried it. Kthat’s that All wheels made by mein my shop.


Find all posts by Imakethings. I cut the tube like in picturethen streched it like hell I have another that I want to use for a disc sander down the road or whenever my Mastercraft one finally dies. KMG clone on Ebay.

Yet another KMG clone on Ebay. Looks solid as a rock too.

The time now is I see that I never posted the pic of it horizontal. Jmg bought a 3 Phase electric motor kng a VFDhope to make the grinding test in a piece of steel soon Its from plans on the www put together with what I had on hand or could scrounge from my buddies junk yard.

I used an air tube BigUglyManOct 22, It seems to have lots of power and is easy to control speed on with the variable transformer in the picture.