Klendathu Invasion is the largest combined fleet and Mobile Infantry operation of the Arachnid War to date. Within these covers: Invasion: The story of Starship. An invasion force is deployed to Klendathu, the Arachnids’ home planet, but the operation is a total disaster. Movie Info. Credits and Contents. KLENDATHU INVASION CREDITS Author Matthew Sprange. Additional Text Matt Keefe. Editor Christopher Allen. Cover Art.

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Warrior Bugs Plasma Bugs. For a list of other meanings, see Battle of Klendathu disambiguation. After the battle, the Wildcats were almost entirely wiped out, with Troopers Rico, Flores, and Levi, as the only known members klendatgu survive.

The name or term “Battle of Klendathu” refers to more than one character or idea. Retrieved from ” http: Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires. The remaining troopers, under Squad Leader Ace Levykill that Warrior but soon hordes of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Warriors appear. Well overground troops were killed in the battle, withkilled in the first hour alone.

The Rodger Young was damaged during this battle by Plasma but managed to remain largely intact and operational.

The name or term “Battle of Klendathu” refers to more than one character or idea. It is located in the Klendathu System. The Second Battle of Klendathuas its names suggests, is humanity’s second invasion on the planet Klendathu.

The invasion began with Athena class starships launching F Thunderbolts and Dropships from orbit whilst under Arachnid plasma bolt fire from the planet’s surface. To attempt to rectify this, the Federal Military made the first deployment of a Powered armor suit to test its combat capabilities against the Arachnids.


These Power suits were then deployed in a team for the rest of the battle. Sign In Don’t have an account? After the destruction of a Terran capital city on EarthBuenos Aires unprovoked by the BugsSky Marshal Dienes launches a full scale invasion of Klendathu — which ended in disaster, costingMobile Infantry their lives, the destruction of several ships and damage of many others.

Waves of Mobile Infantry troopers would be brought to the surface in the initial offensive. Many of the ships that participated in the battle were non-operational and had to be towed to safety. Invasion of Planet P. Contents [ show ]. Believing the Warrior Bug to be dead, Rico relaxed and lowered his weapon, but the Warrior unexpectedly used its last burst of energy to lunge at Rico, piercing the trooper through the leg.

The planet orbits a twin star system; one blue and one yellow. It is covered with massive protophyte jungle.

Battle of Klendathu | Starship Troopers Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Bug defenses began almost immediately in the form of plasma bursts from the surface. Within minutes, the Mobile Infantry were rushed into their dropships.

Despite the battle being vastly more successful than the previous one it lasted for over three years with the Arachnids fighting fiercely to defend their home planet. The battle eventually became a slugging match with neither the Federation or the Arachnids gaining a decisive winning edge.

Battle of Klendathu

In the months following the Meteor Attack on Buenos Airesthe United Citizen Federation sped across the galaxy in a campaign against Klendathuwhich they thought was just a single Arachnid invasoin. Later in the battle the bulk of the the fleet became Corvette Transports including the new Rodger Young which replaced the previous ship of its name that had been destroyed during the Invasion of Planet P. Sky Marshal Tehat Meru.


Johnny Rico, seeing his friend die, fired upon the Warrior, knocking it to the ground. It took Johnny Rico to give the squad the orders they needed “Kill them, Kill them all!

Retrieved from ” http: Klendathu is the homeworld of Pseudo-Arachnid. Led by Klendathuu Willythe Wildcats charged towards enemy positions without being detected.

The Wildcats were deployed in the first wave. This would follow the classic routine of heavy aerial bombing runs by F Thunderboltsfollowed by sending in the Mobile Infantry to mop up the survivors and clear out subterranean Bug holes.

You can help the Starship Troopers Wiki by expanding it. Retrieved from ” http: Crippled, Rico was unable to return to the dropships. For a list knvasion other meanings, see Battle of Klendathu disambiguation.

Kitten Smith was then maimed to death by a Warrior Bug. With the last few seconds of tim recording Rico in agony, the camera then went off, due to damage.