kehilangan perlekatan klinis. Klasifikasi Periodontitis: 1. Chronic Periodontitis 2. Aggressive Periodontitis 3. Periodontitis as a Manifestation of Systemic. Klasifikasi periodontitis berdasarkan manifestasi klinisnya Klasifikasi periodonitas menurut Goldman. Schluger. Difus c.. dan Fox (): 1. Traumatik oklusi c. The simultaneous existence of pulpal problems and inflammatory periodontal disease can complicate diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Gingivitis yang berhubungan dengan siklus menstruasi3. View at Google Scholar S.

Periodontal diagnoses and classification of periodontal diseases Documents. Classification of periodontal disease and conditions For diagnostic purposes, it is imperative for the clinician to insert a gutta-percha cone into the sinus tract and to take one or more radiographs to determine the origin of the lesion.

Lesions produced as a result of treatment modalities include the following.

If the lesions are not well treated and the canals are not disinfected and sealed completely, they will house bacterial necrotic rests, which account for the progression of the lesion or even for the endodontic reinfection [ 13 — 15 ].

Another classification was recommended by the world workshop for classification of periodontal diseases [ 22 ], Periodontitis Associated with Endodontic Disease: Progression of the periodontal disease and the pocket leads to pulpal involvement periodontiti either a lateral canal foramen or klasidikasi main apical foramen. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.


Acute exacerbation of a chronic apical lesion on a tooth with a necrotic pulp may periodintitis coronally through the periodontal ligament into the gingival sulcus.

A New Classification of Endodontic-Periodontal Lesions

The apical foramen is the main access route between the pulp and the periodontium, with the participation of all root canal system: A fractal model for periodontal breakdown in periodontal disease Documents.

Iatrogenic root canal perforations: It could be of two subcategories.

Diagnosis and classification of periodontal disease Documents. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts.

International Journal of Dentistry

Indexed in Web of Science. Klasifikasi Peenyakit Periodontal Baru Documents. BoxRiyadhSaudi Arabia. Penyakit gingiva yang dimodifikasi oleh obatII. The artificial pathways between periodontal and pulpal tissues are vertical root fractures.

Introduction The periodontal-endodontic lesions have been characterized by the involvement of the pulp and periodontal disease in the same tooth. Periodontitus gigi geligiGambaran klinis neutropenia: Lesi rongga mulut menjadi sangatsensitif6.

Tanpa adanya kontribusi faktor lokal lainnyab. View at Google Scholar F.

Mulai terlepasnya gingiva dari permukaan gigi Perdarahan, pembengkakan dan inflamasi mulai terlihat Napas berbau, rasa tidak enak dalam mulut Hilangnya sedikit perlekatan tulang Terbentuk poket sedalam mm antara gigi dan gingiva pada satu daerah atau lebihb. D Chemicals Used in Dentistry.

Etiology and Pathogenesis of Periodontal Disease: If a draining sinus tract through the periodontal ligament is present before root canal treatment, resolution of the probing defect is expected. Knowledge of these disease processes is essential in coming to the correct diagnosis.


The nature of that pain is often the first clue in determining the etiology of such a problem. In reality, it is a sinus tract from pulpal origin that opens through the periodontal ligament area. In such cases, it is not essential to determine which disease entity occurred first as the treatment will involve both endodontic and periodontal management. Terjadi pembengkakan yang sangat besar sehingga gigitertutup gingiva4. Adanya nekrosis tepi gingiva yang meluas kedaerah gingiva yang melekat3.


Rubach and Mitchell [ 18 ] suggested that the periodontal disease may affect the pulp health when the accessory canal exposure occurs, allowing the periodontopathogenic bacteria to cause inflammatory reactions followed by pulp necrosis.

This makes it difficult to diagnose because a single lesion may present signs of both endodontic and periodontal involvement. Through this knowledge, the dentist will achieve the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment, resulting in greater chances of obtaining success in the treatment of the periodontal-endodontic lesions.

Vertical root fractures are caused by trauma and have been reported to occur in both vital and nonvital teeth. It is the leakage of bacterial elements from the oral environment along the margin of the restoration to the endodontic filling. At the site of perforation, an inflammatory reaction in periodontal ligament occurs and leads to periodonntitis formation of a lesion which can progress as a conventional primary endodontic lesion.