Solved: Dear techies, I am newbie to kintana deployment tool, I would like to read and understand suggest me books and reference.. topics like. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs Kintana Dashboard provides a single point-of-access to all of your IT projects and operations. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of.

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Core graphical tools, workflow engine, and database functions. The path to the left tracks cases where the developer’s implemented what the specification called for, which as frequently happens is not what was wanted or intended. Landan in —which was repaid—did not appear to have been approved in advance by the Board of Directors and was referred to in some of the company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but was not clearly disclosed.

They are tools commonly used in the Oil and Gas industry which assist in finding downhole reserves. If you visit www. Lithology and porosity are defined in oilfield and geology dictionaries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The more modules you have feeding the centralized database the easier it is to data mine the information pool to get real-time where-are-we-at operational status and aggregated value, performance, capacity, and financial information. The graphic is from an earlier version of PPM when custom information was grouped under ‘Tabs’ instead of ‘Sections’ but this makes no practical difference.

Is there such a tool called a spinner tool? Provide views on the status of activities with the de-rigeur traffic light color coding.


After all this is well understood process. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Start Of A Spending Spree? PPM Service not created after successful installation.

You buy them from tool vendors such as Cornwell Tools, Snap on etc. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Do we have the QA analyst add a note, call the developer, or add a ‘Not Approved’ transition back to the developer step? You may be thinking of a spannerwhich is what the English call the tool that Americans call a wrench.

Americans also have another tool called a ‘spanner wrench’.

There are various prepackaged solutions for popular applications: Like Textile,automobiles,house hold items every thing needs tooling. This basically is it, and that’s all that’s important. Also the QA analyst does need to formally document the problem in the notes field, and maybe add references to test documentation before sending the request back to the team lead – the changes may be handled by a different developer.

You’re not being asked to automate the whole world, and your workflow will end up an unwieldy failure if you try to do so.

Executives can view all initiatives from an IT value perspective at a high level, ensuring that these fit into the overall strategic direction of the company.

Mercury Interactive

What tools do tool makers use? CupertinoCaliforniaUnited States.

The path to the right tracks cases where the development team lead is bundling bugs for fixes on the next interim release, or in effect dumping it by assigning to to be fixed on the next major release. As of September 1,the Material is now offered by Micro Focus, a separately owned and operated company. The difference is that Portfolio Management feeds off actual project data continuously updated by the Project Management application.


The claw of a hammer pulls one object out of another object. You can add one or more custom sections to carry the information you need. Books and Reference for Kintana tool.

: PPM Kintana – The HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) Suite

Magnets pick up small metals, like nails. QA find the bug is documented with perfect accuracy so all they need to do it pass this over to the appropriate Team Lead in Development. Computer companies of the United States Companies established in Hewlett-Packard acquisitions Software companies of Israel Mergers and acquisitions of Israeli companies mergers and acquisitions.

Actual Effort showing huge amount for position MIF on: Where is kintqna tools in the tools menu? In the second case i’d say that we do need to define a ‘Not Approved’ flow back, and to the Team Lead, not the Developer because the Team lead may need to deal with resource issues – that developer may now be busy on something else.

HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard)

Post hole apparatus digs round holes. The only difference is that the string’s disappeared, and you press a button instead to send the issue on it’s way.

Please suggest me books and reference.