Here is one of the first novels written by Kinoko Nasu. It was, as stated in the thread tittle, translated to english by Evospace. There was a. Note: Commonly referred to as Angel Notes. by writer and co founder of the company Type-Moon, Kinoko Nasu, Notes is the foundation of the shared universe. Kinoko Nasu is a Japanese author, best known for writing the light novel Kara no Kyōkai and works are the novels Kara no Kyōkai, originally released in and re-printed in , Angel Notes, Mahōtsukai no Yoru and Kōri no Hana.

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It now sounds like something that wasn’t made by a person with broken English. After mankind killed the planet on which it lived with pollution and warfare, all natural life died with it. The reason they used this name is a mystery, but the origin is probably a scientist from the old age.

Lists with This Book. They can’t directly inhale the air, nor can they eat the food made in the factory because they raise the physical ability too much that they become poisonous.

Angel Voice

Since they are no longer able to survive on this planet, it is said that they are on the verge of extinction. Contents [ show ]. I have created absolutely none of this. Thought by MiniNephthys Fandoms: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: My body was always on the verge of collapsing. Cease-fire with the Hundred A-rays.


BBCode Consider grovelling at my feet? After this incident, a team of Knights were sent to the western continent.

Kinoko Nasu – Wikipedia

A war breaks out between the enhanced humans and A-Rays, resulting in complete and utter devastation of what was left of Earth, as well as the near extinction of enhanced humans.

However, the anthology wasn’t text based and the other two were artists, so I was in trouble. For those more familiar with Type-Moon the company ‘s later works, feel free to subsitute the name with Crinsom Moon Brunestud.

They wield a special weapon called the Demonic Swords. Communicate by MiniNephthys Fandoms: A war breaks out between enhanced humans and A-rays, resulting in complete devastation of what was left of Earth, as well as the near extinction of enhanced humans.

Considering mankind and A-ray as their enemies, they repetitively attacked them indiscriminately. Agmundr marked it as to-read May 12, As the last pure human alive, the man known as the Gun God struggles every day just to survive in a world that angl no longer his. Also known as the Flying Fortress, it seems to be the leader of the Aristoteles’s nash are on the planet.


A globe that reached its end.

Kiniko would you rather Nasu work on it first or focus on Tsuki remake? Commonly referred to as Angel Notes. Near the end of the Great War, the youngest sister, “Judge” was defeated by a Knight, but her death cry tore apart a continent.

Those would probably outright kill Gaia, hence Excalibur power-up.

Takuechi Takashi’s Pre-TYPE-MOON Doujinshi – Keripo’s Corner

She is very bad at all of this—heck, her guitar’s untuned —but she’s pretty and impossible to kick out, so Godo eventually learns to tolerate her. But because all living beings that exists in the world are affected by Grain, it is impossible for them use or even touch it.

The original is an basu in the largest religion of the old age. Punk Fashion by MiniNephthys Fandoms: This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat The name of the world in the present time.

It doesn’t mean the sky is gray; they just can’t see the sky. Howard Benedict marked it as to-read Oct 18, An old aircraft which could crash at any moment.