Though few can equal her skill with the sword, Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous “Lord Sin. Kinley MacGregor’s latest offering, Born In Sin, is a redemption story, and quite a good one, as it happens. If there were a little more to it, it could. Stunning Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous ‘Lord Sin’. Though Callie fears this mysterious.

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What he has done is horrible, scary, and down right wrong.

Kniley was not lazy with the plot Often, Writers in my honest opinion are lazy with romance. Callie was a breath of fresh spring air, loyal but not blindly so. Sep 17, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: He tries to stay away from her, can’t and loads of angst later HEA.

I gave 4 kinlsy only for some small reasons: He’ll never be worthy of a better life, be a better man whom a woman like Callie could love. Sin stood out from all the MacAllister brothers and he really wore the “tortured mxcgregor name well. Check out the Reading Challenges tab above to see all the challenges I am participating in, or have completed so far this year. Oldie but Goodie Rec Julie Jeffries contains some things that wouldn’t fly now, but I love this book. Simon is, again, helping Sin and Callie to bond.


SIN ; That’s the hero of the story if you don’t know and boy he is sex personified. View macgregorr 7 comments. A very angsty read with a lot of references to lifelong rejection and abuse, but with a sweet love story and just enough “intrigue” to keep things interesting. Och, she could strangle him. Reading is what I do to relax and escape, and talking about reading is my favourite hobby.

Who the hell would do that? With more than ten million copies si her books in print, in 26 countries, she certainly has a lot of friends to play with, too. Only Sin seems to be aware kijley to care about the precarious position he’s been placed.

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Callie is so different, so adorable and beautiful all over, Sin wants her with all his being but just can’t make himself vulnerable anymore. Mar 05, Eastofoz mavgregor it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It got to be tiring, the sih draining me to the point of just not giving a fuck anymore.

I was teary-eyed and had this big idiotic grin on my face, just knowing that Sin knew he’s loved and admired by people around him and he was accepted just as he is.


Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor

How everybody was cruel to an innocent boy. I mean the poor man doesn’t even have a proper given namefor God’s sake! January 15 to February 14, kinlet

Allowing no man nor family to claim him, Sin deals with his demons and being called a demon as well as the devil himself and a baby eater on a daily basis. And, of course, Sin returning the feeling in his own way only made it all sweeter.

Born in Sin

I can really describe my opinion on This was a beautiful book. She has a tough job ahead — sort of. Page – wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. Which Sin happens to be used to.

Not to mention that he was trained as an assassin at a very young age. Some might find his ‘ordeals’ a bit too much and I did too at some points but there wasn’t any real moment of frustration for me. Time passes and the king has decided that he is going to make peace blrn marrying Callie who is his hostage to Sin. Quotes from Born in Sin. Born to Sin gives us an interesting look into innocence.