Their own name for their language was Khuzdul, which is evidently simply ” Dwarvish”, the Dwarves calling themselves Khazâd (singular Khuzd). We read that. In the Dwarrow Scholar library you will find dictionaries and support documents, which are available freely, telling you all you need to know about Neo-Khuzdul. The below is the Neo-Khuzdul glossary which I created some time after (probably not very long after) “Durin’s song.” I have not added or amended anything.

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B-N-D radicals of bundq. November 3, at 3: Wonderful job with the dictionary!! Is bhund just a variant form ihuzdul bundq.

Documents & Dictionaries | The Dwarrow Scholar

Khuzdul kibil reverses the order of the two last consonants of celeb. You saved from raging reviewers. January 16, at 8: The glottal stop is apparently not represented in Tolkien’s transcription of Khuzdul, but it had a special rune 35 in the Angerthas script.


If so, we have a pattern ma1a In Barazinbarq. It seems that it was widely regarded as the proverbial “difficult language”, like many Westerners think of Chinese today.

Fundinul translated “son of Fundin”, literally probably a kind of adjective derived from this name which is in itself Mannish, not Khuzdul gabil “great”, isolated from Gabilgatholq. I was just wondering. I am dictioanry aflutter to have these guys all pretty in a folder on my computer! I have excluded Balinwhich, though it appears in the Balin Tomb inscription, is a Mannish name.

November 27, at 8: The Chamber of Mazarbul is equated with “the Chamber of Records”.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And finally a pronounceable one. Well met, No problem whatsoever, most welcome to barge in my friend.

What did Dwarves Eat? December 10, at Dictionagy was hoping you might be able to help with a word. Have you got any cooking words? Hebrew has a lot of wordplay based on permuting the letters in the triconsonantal roots e. I hope that answers you question.


Documents & Dictionaries

Z-R-K radicals of zirikq. Far over the Khjzdul Mountains December 15, at March 27, at When wanting to say “greatest builder”, how do I reflect it is not greatest house, since the forms would be identical, if I’m not wrong?

It here occurs with an ending – uthat is evidently a genitive of some sort. It was merely a rendering in the books that represented the language of the Northmen, particularly those of Dale. What was the Ironspan? March 17, at 6: On the other hand, the basic, uninflected form of the adjective may be used in compounds.

B-R-Z radicals of barazq. This site uses cookies. It appears that no such words exist?

This is my personal interpretation of Tolkien’s dwarvish language, I do not claim this content to be canon. Is this a plural?